Goals for the Finish Line

Not really sure where to even start here.  I’m exhausted and stressed.  If last weekend proved anything, I can’t really go into how things work around here.  Otherwise, I get a lecture/debate on this side of the machine.  Let’s just say that it’s been ‘suggested’ that I watch what I say on here.  So if I’m in a bad mood, I slap on a fake smile or disappear to avoid anyone thinking I dislike people and aspects of my life.  The whole issue with Matzoh being one of the few things to eat in the house and setting off my IBS hasn’t helped me.

I’m really not feeling social by any stretch of the imagination.  This sucks because the weather is good and my son can play outside.  I don’t think people realize that by always leaving me in charge of him, things pile up.  So when a family outing is about to take place or he’s going to have a new experience, I’m forced to decide between work and son.  This is a shitty situation to put someone in.  I can’t even get writing done because by the time I get to a computer, I have tons of emails to sift through.  Mostly I’ve been deleting them this week because I’m simply not in the mood for things.  Hell, I might be burning out on blogging and human interaction entirely at this point.

All I want to do is write, but I don’t even know what to work on now.  I keep saying Book 8 will be started.  Probably Wednesday as I take Tuesday as an attempt to recover some energy.  History teaches me that I’ll come out worse than I started, but what the hell.  Yet part of me wants to go over Book 5 and another part wants to focus more on getting the characters of another series written up.  You know, that main goal of my 3 week ‘vacation’ that is nowhere near being completed.  I might finish the heroes and a few villains if I use Tuesday.

This has really been nothing more than a downer post, but it shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who knows certain aspects of my situation.  Anyway, I’ll see if I can piece together a few goals:

  1. Start writing The Merchant of Nevra Coil.
  2. Design a few characters for The Elysium Saga.
  3. Get off the Passover diet of glorified crackers that make my intestines cry.
  4. Keep eye out for packages.
  5. Try to get more into blog commenting.
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Excerpts and Reveals!

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So, I wanted to do something special for the first week in May . . . Actually, I’m lazy and lost my list of post themes at some point.  I think I was going to do something about languages, but that isn’t as interesting as it was before.  I’ll save it for later since I have a better idea.

I want to post excerpts from my first 5 books.  I’d go for 6, but that reaches a point where I can’t avoid certain spoilers.  Then again, there is a great Fizzle scene in there that doesn’t spoil anything.  It really depends on how this post goes.

Now, I don’t know what excerpts to take.  I’m leaning toward the ‘Luke/Sari bar fight’ from Tri-Rune, but that’s all I’ve got.  Which means I’d greatly appreciate it if people who have read the book suggest a scene.  I can’t take everyone’s suggestion since it’s 1 scene per book.

This also brings up the following question:

When can I start mentioning a few characters on this blog?

I can get away with the Krypters, but the 5th Champion and the Main Baddie have never been named or introduced here.  As the series progresses, I find it harder to talk about things without bringing them in.  ‘Bob’ I’ve managed to avoid for the most part, but he’ll be the big reveal as Book 5 approaches.  So, do I allow excerpts and revelations of the other two who are very important to the series?  If yes then I can grab a scene for each one during this event in May.  If no then how long do I wait until I can mention these two by name without getting a flood of ‘SPOILERS!’ in my email?

Anyway, anyone excerpt suggestions and opinions on these two guys would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and enjoy your weekend.  With any luck, I’ll be able to spend more time on here come Tuesday . . . or I’ll start in on the 8th book.

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Contest progress (five free books available)

Charles Yallowitz:

Enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a chance at 1 of 5 Free Books!

Originally posted on Erik S. Lehman:

The contest has only been open for one day. I’m a new author on Goodreads (I know it will be a struggle to gain interest). But I already have 188 … 189 … 190 … people who want the book, and many have added it to their “to-read” shelf. The contest is 60 days long. Enter if you’d like. It’s fun. :)

Book Giveaway

Daughters of The Rose by Erik S. Lehman
Daughters of The Rose

by Erik S. Lehman. Giveaway ends June 18, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win


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An IMCY Production: Pen Name Game

Been a long time, but here’s a game from the Ionia Martin/Charles Yallowitz team.  Maybe this is the start of us returning to a few comical sketches or interviews.  Seems ‘Life’ got in the way.  Seriously, we were playing the board game called ‘Life’ and it got totally out of hand.  We’ve called off the ninja squirrels and capybara cavalry, but peace talks are still ongoing.  Having trouble with the Cupcake Clause.  Anyway, on to the real fun.

Many authors use pen names for various reasons.  Some dislike their birth name or feel it’s too complicated to put on a book cover.  Others wish to hide their true identity because of any number of reasons.  For example, a writer of erotica might want to keep their writing career hidden from family or a full-time employer.  Either way, there’s a big tradition in pen names, so Ionia and I came up with a game.

Give us a pen name in one, some, or all of the following categories:


This will be on both our blogs today and we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  Let’s have some fun.

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Monsters, Magic Items, and Thingies from M T McGuire

Today’s list comes from M T McGuire!  Enjoy the weekend!


A member of the crow family, this bird has a grainy coloration to help blend in with the wheat fields.  It feeds off insects and rodents, using its camouflage to sneak up on prey. There are sharp barbs on the underside of their wings, which can deliver a paralytic toxin for taken down larger prey like rabbits.  Gralarks can get fixated on shiny objects and have been known to get pulled into wheat threshers because a fallen item has stolen its attention.


This beast is covered in scabs caused by the hot water that it lives in.  The Scaboildan thrives in bubbling springs and sitting on the hot bottom creates a solid shell of rough skin.  These large amphibians have no pain receptors, so they are able to live within the dangerous water.  They move very slowly and only leave the water when they are hungry. Laying on their back, the Scaboildans pretend to be dead to attract scavengers or put prey animals at ease.  When they are close and feel they are not being watched, they use what little energy they have to strike and roll into the hot water with their meal.  It isn’t a perfect strategy and Scaboildans have frozen to death waiting for food.


A bush with blue berries and dark green leaves that is found in the frozen tundra region of Ipstur.  These plants grow in bunches to stay warm and share nutrients by connecting their roots.  Any that die are eventually absorbed.  New Mistlegron grow far away from the colony, so they send tether roots out.  These roots seek other Mistlegrons to either bring the sapling to an existing group or attract other loners to create a new one.


Lost spellbook of the great wizard Rolfstern who helped to push back the troll armies of Westyell.  The spells and rituals found within have never been repeated, so many have gone in search of this item.  Rumor says that it has been enchanted to look like a basic notepad and will be destroyed when the final page is used.  Many scholars have pointed out that if this story is true then it’s entirely possible that the Smirnaldipad is gone forever.  They have been called pessimists and pelted with rotten onions.


A disease named after the terrifying sound that the victims make if they try to sleep.  It is contracted through the bite of the Zorgilious Bronk, which is a three-headed alligator that only has two teeth per mouth. Aside from the ‘Screep’ sound, a victim gets a fever, holes in their palms, 1-3 head horns, diarrhea, reverse knees, and exaggerated spine.  Surprisingly, nobody has ever died directly from Screepdilia, but many have taken their own lives or had themselves assassinated.  The cure is Zorgilious Bronk milk, which can only be harvested on the third full moon of the year.


(Son of Groin and father of Gimli.)  This is a mixed drink from the Ungel Tribe and is made from the following: Ipsy Rum, Pubbleberry juice, one drop Yawa Bear Blood, ground marigold stems, fermented Coal Yak milk, and sugar.  It is used as a pre-hunt drink and enhances the senses of the barbarian warriors.  Any guests who attempt to imbibe a Gloin will lose their sense of taste for four months and it will return so sensitive that water can be spicy.


Thriving in the Desert of Near Eternal Night, the Norrell is a type of owl that lives within the large boulders found around the region.  It has brown and white feathers, but its head is bald.  In place of plumage, its skull is a dense piece of bone that it uses as a ram.  To catch prey, it dives from high altitude and slams into the rabbit or lizard.  Small and quick, it tries to smash its prey against rocks to kill it in one shot.  If unsuccessful, the Norrell uses its long talons to puncture the brain through the eye socket.

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Limping On

Confusion is your world
As your heart is ripped
Though it was never in your chest
You found it on the path
Sitting in another
Who now lays beneath the ground
Taken without warning
Sudden and severe
You had no time to prepare
Making the scars so deep
That the others can only watch
As you limp along
Unsure if you want to live
Or join your missing heart


Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, nobody died.  Just the remnant of a strange dream that I don’t even have any mental pictures of.  Thought I’d use it to wake myself and start the day.  This is going to be countered later by more crazy critters and a fun game.

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Charles Yallowitz:

Big Easter sale!

Originally posted on DANIELLE TAYLOR:


Sale! Just 99 pennies! Irish….oh lord, Daniel is Irish and sexy and so feckin gorgeous. *sigh*

Where the Streets Have No Name

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