End of November Excerpt Poll! (Sticky Post. Newer Stuff Below.)

By Kayla Matt

By Kayla Matt

So, I’m thinking of doing a week of excerpts for the end of November.  The problem is that I’m not sure what to go with.  Then it hit me.  I’ll just set up a poll and the Top 5-6 characters will get a ‘free to low spoiler’ excerpt.  I might even slip some in from Books 6-8 if they fit.  Feel free to vote even if you haven’t read the books and we’ll see who wins.  My money is on Fizzle.


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Audiobook Giveaway!

Originally posted on disregard the prologue:

Release day approacheth!

I can’t take a lot of credit for this one, what with being a sellout and all. The good folks at Tantor have performed their magic, rounded up their talent, worked hard on this project, and come up with a lovely audiobook version of Bound.

And they sent me some copies. Hooray!



Aaaaaah... shiny!

Aaaaaah… shiny!

Yep, 10 discs. 12.5 hours. Unabridged.

I’m not gonna lie. This is a confusing and exciting time for me. I’ve never listened to a full audiobook, myself. I get really distracted and then have NO idea what’s going on. But I’ve had a chance to listen to snippets from both readers on this one (as in, I got to hear a few minutes when I drove to the grocery store yesterday, YESSSS), and they’re both fantastic readers.

Also… hot accent. Just saying.

If you like audiobooks, I think this is going to…

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Monsters by C. Miller

Last day of monsters has those ‘donated’ by C. Miller.  Check out her blog and her two books: REAVE and ELUDE!


This is a plant creature that has the ability to take the form of whatever flora it touches while in its seed phase.  When a seed, the Garfink has two leafy extension that carry it on the wind and can even flap if it plummets.  Once it lands on or touches a plant, it will combine some of the new pollen with its own to grow into a replica.  For example, a Garfink that touches an oak will become one with a few minor differences.  One is that they grow to full size within a fraction of the time of the original.  They also have hidden barbs that can only be seen if put under a microscope.  Whenever an animal is injured by a Garfink, it is injected with a toxin that puts it into a coma.  This rarely result in death as it is done to create a new seed.  Once awake, the animal will have a headache until they walk outside and are forced to sneeze out the seed.


A strange riding and hunting beast utilized by the people of Gylgruk.  These short-haired creatures have four short legs on a rotund body, which makes you think they aren’t very fast.  Well you would be right, but they don’t really need to be fast since they have incredible endurance.  A Snadderbuckin is 50% mouth and lungs, so it can inhale prey that is bigger than its body.  The long, flat heads resemble a Venus Flytrap with a ‘cage’ of spike-like teeth that it can use to contain whatever it swallows.  Within the mouth is saliva that acts like a tranquilizer and prevents captured prey from fighting back.  The only drawback to the Snadderbuckin being used for hunting is that it is difficult to get the food out of its jaws.  Most times the hunters have to pry the mouth open and remove the prey, risking being trapped themselves.

(Bonus video since I nearly forgot it and made the upcoming post before this one.)

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#Read a #FREEBIE #Fantasy #ShortStory #BOOK by #Author Natasja Hellenthal

Charles Yallowitz:

Enjoy a free fantasy short story!

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:

I have decided to give away a
#FREEBIE of one of my short stories!

It’s currently #2 in Teen and Young Adult and #3 in Science Fiction and

#Fantasy !

Only lasts over the Halloween weekend so grab your change!

I would appreciate a review in return :)


Tana Woodwolf wakes to find herself trapped within a strange land. She learns quickly from the faces of the others that this is no paradise she has been transported to; it is a prison. 

Unable to escape, Tana soon discovers that a dark and malignant force is dragging her and the other prisoners, one-by-one, to unreachable higher rooms of the tower from which they never return. 

If she is to ever escape from there then she will need to use all the guile and strength she has within her. Does one of the others hold the key? Or is it something…

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Ghost Moon Night is available–just in time for Halloween!

Originally posted on Gwen Bristol:

Just a  very quick post to let people know Jewel Allen’s book Ghost Moon Night is finally available. I wasn’t able to go to the release party last night, but I downloaded the book last week and couldn’t put it down.

The ghosts/zombies are really scary, and the island culture is so woven into the story that readers learn a lot about the Philippines, as well. There was a sweet romance subplot, great friends and a terrific main character that I really couldn’t help liking.

If you’re looking for a great Halloween read, check this one out.

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#lukecallindor grows so much in ‘Allure of the Gypsies’

Originally posted on Gwen Bristol:

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

I didn’t get to blog last Friday, and I’m still playing catch-up. While there were no new entries to the #burgersandbooks giveaway, I did have a chance to read The Allure of the Gypsies by Charles Yallowitz.

Here’s a moment of thoughts for the character Luke Callindor:

I enjoyed his character development in the first two books of this series, but I would say his personality deepened quite a bit in this book. For most of the book he struggled with pain and how to deal with it, but by the end, I began to feel that the pain was making him grow, and he was becoming a better person because of it. Nicely done.

I was surprised at how strong Luke Callindor became during the battle scenes, too. Some new powers developed, which surprised and delighted me.

Now about the rest of the book.

My favorite scenes centered…

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Monsters by Adam Ickes

These monsters have been ‘donated’ by Adam IckesCheck out his creepy, eerie books on Amazon!  Perfect for Halloween!


An ethereal creature that appears to be made out of mist, it takes the form of a long-tailed horse.  They live on the edges of forests and come out at dawn when they can use the morning fog to their advantage.  When the fog clears, the Gimmywhipple hides within the holes of trees or burrows of animals that they have eaten.  To hunt, this misty creature will approach other animals, especially humans, to get petted.  They are actually very sticky to the touch and will draw prey in through their skin to the acidic inside, which can digest an adult human within an hour.


Living within the hair of the stationary giant of Hinx, Trikan are a large species of parasite.  It was believed they were related to lice, but they are probably closer to fleas considering they are powerful jumpers.  They have the powerful legs of a flea and their bodies are as flat as a piece of paper.  This puts them at risk of getting blown away when they jump, so they connect to the giant with tether.  At the end of each of their front four legs is a detachable spike that pierces the skin and turns into a hook.  Elastic veins keep the spike and leg connect as the Trikan jumps and extends its twenty foot long, spear-like tongue to pull itself back to stable ground. They are harmless to other creatures since they feed off dead skin cells, but they may become territorial during mating season.


Half reptilian rock creature and half killer bird, this deadlands predator can be the thing of nightmares.  It is incapable of flying even though it has wide, feathery wings of gray feathers that are constantly molting.  These sprout from a body of stone scales that connects to an alligator-like tail and an ostrich-like neck.  Both are surprisingly flexible and release a sulfuric gas when they are moved quick enough to cause cracks in their hard exterior.  The fleshy legs of the Methoocragcor are long and end in wide, three-toed feet that possess deadly talons.  A hooked claw is on the ankle and it contains a poison that induces violent vomiting in its victims.  Finally, this solitary creature’s head is like that of a rooster with the sharp beak of a crane.  Nobody is sure where this monster came from and most would love to send it back to whoever created it.


 This arthropod is a barnacle that is no bigger than a person’s fist, but it is incredibly heavy.  As a larva, it travels through the water until it finds a place to take root.  It will slowly grow on the underbelly of a ship or large sea creatures like a normal barnacle.  The Jumbor will even be among its tamer cousins and the only way to tell the difference is that it is a light green and flares at the top.  It will gradually get denser and heavier until it reaches adulthood and weighs in at 20 tons.  On a whale, this will weaken the beast until it is dragged to the depths where the Jumbor feeds off it until giving birth to a new generation and dying.  It is easier to notice on a ship and can cause damage such as the chunk of hull it is attached to breaking off the rest of the vessel. Jumbors that attach to ships meet one of two fates.  If they escape then they are stuck to the sunken vessel or piece where they starve to death.  If they are taken by the humans then they are killed and opened for their scraps of meat.  A sliver of Jumbor meat can fill a grown man for a week.

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Dashed Plans

Princess Bride

Princess Bride

So . . . things have taken a turn around here.  I’m just going to list from mildest to worst:

  1. Saturday is supposed to rain and/or snow, which means the trip to the zoo is out.  Hoping the little guy doesn’t remember the promise.
  2. Sunday is the NYC Marathon, which means traffic will be terrible going anywhere near the city.  So zoo won’t happen that day either.  Maybe next weekend.
  3. My parents left last Wednesday for a 3 week Asian cruise.  They returned this morning because my mom broke her elbow and needs surgery.  Needless to say everyone is both worried and a little annoyed.  So things are going to be thrown out of whack for a while, especially since someone keeps forgetting she’s down a limb.  I’ll be helping my dad keep an eye on her.  Thankfully, I’m still planning on doing all the cooking for next week and a half.  Longer if need be.  Honestly, I think this will only be a day or two of figuring things out before we get into a system.  There’s plenty on the DVR and on her Kindle to keep her out of trouble.

This does mean that my editing and online activity will be in a state of flux.  It could remain untouched or it could lead to days where I’m ‘missing’ until the night.  I will admit that I got used to typing on the big desktop.  Now I can realize just how tiny my laptop’s screen really is.  I start my final edits for ‘Curse of the Dark Wind’ next week, so I hope to finish that by the end of November.  When will it be released?  I’ll let you know since there are delays on every front just like ‘The Compass Key’.

So, that’s where I’m standing now.  I think.  I got new glasses yesterday for the first time in over 5 years.  I’m still not used to everything being so bright and clear.  Transition lenses too, which are cool.  Guess that’s the highlight of the week until Halloween where I escort ‘Olaf’ around the neighborhood.

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