Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue Rankings Update #amazon #kindle #fantasy

I know this is coming off as gloating, but I think Amazon has a 3 list limit on a book’s actual page.  So Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue is only noted as being on Action/Adventure Romance books, Action/Adventure Romance eBooks, and Action/Adventure Fantasy ebooks.  I got curious and found this:

Bottom Right!

Bottom Right!

You can see me at #86 on the Epic Fantasy eBook list.  I’m #90 on the Sword & Sorcery eBook list.  This post is just to show that I was there.  We’ll see how long I stick around there.  Be nice if these list rankings would show up on the book’s site.  Again, thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far.

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Ichabod Brooks & the City of Beasts Cover Poll

So I’m looking for some opinions.  I’m going through 99designs to get a cover for the summer release and I’ve created a poll to see what people think.  Keep in mind that these designs are not entirely final.  Some fine-tuning will be done since the site gives only 4 days for an artist to enter an idea.

Please click on the link and take a look:

Please vote and give your feedback on the poll.  You can still comment here, but I don’t think the artist will notice anything put on the blog.  Thanks in advance and I have until Thursday to choose a finalist.

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Originally posted on Here there Be Dragons!:

Highland Park Presents is FREE from RIGHT NOW until Midnight Friday night.

This book is a compilation of short stories written by my Fifth Graders in Oklahoma and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to show them that their book is traveling across the world.

I cannot promise perfect literature, but I can promise interesting and surprising stories that were created by hard working and talented 10-13 yr olds.

Give it a look and make a Fifth Grader’s day!

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Marvel Vs DC: Does It Matter?

Avengers and Justice League

Avengers and Justice League

I know this is a topic that can start on-line battles, end friendships, and reveal some of the  most colorful language ever.  Yet I’ve been asked to talk about Marvel Heroes Vs DC Heroes, which implies that I have to choose a side.  I collected a lot in High School, but it was mostly Marvel.  Spider-Man and X-comics to be specific.  I still have Superman stories that involved his Death and Return as well as Batman Knightfall.  A few other odds and ends from DC, but not much.  It was the DC cartoons and movies I went after, but then Marvel took the lead in the cinema.  All of that has led me to this thought:

Why not both?

I’m very much out of the loop with the comics now.  A lot of changes have been made and I walked away when Spider-Man lost his marriage.  If you thought that was cool then fine, but I didn’t like it.  It happened when I didn’t have enough money to keep up with things, so it made the decision easier.  I still hope to gather more graphic novels of ‘Fables’, but that’s another company.  I think.  Anyway, Marvel and DC seem to be big into reinventing all of their characters and erasing the history to start anew.  So my knowledge is useless.  Both are obsessed with big events while I enjoyed the one issue story or something that didn’t involve the fate of everything.  Very little low scale stuff from what I’ve been told by my friends who are still reading.  So this is really the opinion of a former comic book collector/reader.  Which means it isn’t much.

Both companies have larger than life heroes that border on ridiculous when you really think about it. Superman is obscenely powerful due to the era that was originally made in.  Batman seems to be even more unbeatable simply because he’s Batman.  Hulk’s strength is actually limitless as long as he stays angry.  Wolverine’s healing factor ranges from immediate regeneration to an hour to heal a papercut.  Take any heroes in comics and you’ll find logic flaws.

If that’s the case then how can you claim one company is better than the other?  You pick a favorite and stick to it, I guess.  I admit that there’s something to brand loyalty, but what if there’s a really good story on the other side?  Batman will not show up to take away your comics if you get into the Ms. Marvel comic.  Iron Man doesn’t care that you’re also reading Wonder Woman.  This probably shows that I have little interest or knowledge of competitive business.  Stems from thinking that one should enjoy their entertainment and never block themselves off from another venue.

I think isn’t what the person asking was expecting.  They probably wanted me to say which I prefer (hence the versus) or simply point out differences.  The thing is that there really aren’t many differences any more.  Heroes still die and come back on both sides.  Powers are still at the whim of the writers.  Villains are still alive and escaping jail whenever they feel like it.  Only the specific stories are different and those are starting to seem oddly similar.  Seriously, can someone tell me how ‘Secret Wars’ isn’t simply the Marvel version of ‘New 52′ or how ‘Necrosha’ isn’t the X-Men version of ‘Blackest Night’?  We really are at a point where the two companies are singing this song:

What does everybody else think?  Keep it civil.

(Sorry that was a big rant.  I really do like most of the characters on both sides.  Just frustrated that it seems like they’ve become lazy with a lot of their storytelling and that’s what I got into back in high school.)

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Book Feature: Chimera by N.J. Tanger

Charles Yallowitz:

Check out a fun interview with the authors behind the upcoming release, ‘Chimera’.

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:

NJ TangerHere is a trick question: Who is N.J. Tanger?

Answer: Three people. Nathan M. Beauchamp, Joshua Russell, and Rachael Tanger. Josh and Nathan wrote Chimera. Rachael gave the book a thorough editing. The book will be launched on April 24. Meanwhile, why not find out a bit more about these new authors with a good ol’ interview?

The Usual

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksThis is the second time in a row when I interview a creative team instead of an author, and I confess it’s fun. So, what inspired you to write this book?

NMB: Josh (my co-writer) and I started talking about writing a book together three years ago. He’s a film guy and I’m a fiction writer and I think we were both enamored with the idea of trying to merge those two disciplines and create something unique in the process. We drank a little bit too much scotch…

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THE LAST ORDER by @AngelaMCaldwell #AuthorInterview #YALit #KindleDeal

Originally posted on Princess of the Light: Books, Writing and Inspiring Others:


I met author Angela Caldwell back in 2013 and the first thing I noticed was how supportive she was to everyone. She is a talented author, photographer and mother of four children. Overcoming dyslexia, she is an inspiration to many, me included. :) She agreed to sit down with me for an interview and to introduce us to her debut novel, The Last Order. Take it away, Angela!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself as a hybrid author. The Last Order had a strong start and is just now starting to get noticed. The goal is to pick up speed and launch book 2 of the series next year. I also have a YA contemporary that is going through revisions now. There are lots of books in my head that are waiting to be written.

Have you always liked to write?

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The Vanishing…. Free for Five Days (o:

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The Vanishing

Just wanted to let everyone know that my novel ‘The Vanishing’ is free on Amazon from today until the 20th of April so if you want to give it a go click on the link below.

And if you spread the word too I’d really appreciate it… (o;

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