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About the Books

Move over Percy Jackson. Find out what everybody is talking about!

Have you ever gotten hopelessly lost in a strange land?
Talked to an elephant?
Ridden a magic carpet?
Been jailed by an angry parrot?
And discovered that you have the power to change the world?

Zoe & Zak hadn’t either. But that was before their lives were turned upside down by a mysterious creature called the Ghost Leopard. Now, they find themselves attending a strange school high in the Himalayan foothills, where nothing is what it seems and anything is possible.

The Zoe & Zak Adventures contains the first three full books of the middle grade fantasy adventure series, where two semi-normal kids begin to live absolutely extraordinary lives.

In Book One, The Ghost Leopard, Zoe & Zak take their first trip to India where they learn that they’ve been chosen to protect a mythical creature…

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Curse of the Dark Wind Update! #fantasy #Amazon #Kindle #Top100

Cover art by Jason Pedersen

Cover art by Jason Pedersen

Was happy to see this:


  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,942 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    • #56 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Fantasy
    • #95 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
    • #27 on Sword & Sorcery Hot New Release
    • #22 on Epic Fantasy Hot New Release
    • #8 on Fantasy Action New Release

Of course this can change at any moment, but it’s really nice to end 2014 on these notes.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy and supported me in my continuing journey of authordom.

EDIT:  I really should stop making these posts.  The book drops at least 1,000 ranks every time I do this.

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Governments of Windemere: Hero’s Gate

Castle Araluen from Ranger's Apprentice

Castle Araluen from Ranger’s Apprentice

For being one of the major areas of events in Legends of Windemere, Hero’s Gate isn’t a Sister City.  It’s decently sized with a profitable port and farmlands, but it’s actually a fisherman/farmer village that grew over the years.  So it still has a simple Mayor and guards system.  One man makes the rules with the help of a council and is elected every two years.

This isn’t to say there isn’t anything special in Hero’s Gate.  The Paladin Council has influence over the city because it is a few days journey from Rodillen.  This gives them an outpost to keep an eye on the other town and there has been a high level of undead activity around the city ever since the Great Cataclysm.  Any laws and influence that the Paladin Council has is restricted to those pertaining to defenses, undead, religious issues, and magic.  All other areas are off-limits to them because they are not a tax-funded organization.

That’s really it for Hero’s Gate and you’ll see that it really doesn’t come up.  A reason for this is because Legends of Windemere doesn’t really delve into the politics of the world.  I have a few future series that will examine the inner workings of certain groups like the Chaos Elves and the Dawn Fangs.  Yet, I’m rather content to leave the politics of the world in the background.  These systems may come into play if/when I need them, which is why I have them written down somewhere.  Maybe it’s because I’m tired of there always being a political story within other genres and I’m sick of the topic in general.  My stories are designed to be escapism and fun, so that’s probably why the nitty gritty of the world doesn’t get pulled in.

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Author Trophy Case Fun!

C.S. Boyack has set up an interesting challenge/game for writers of all kinds.  You create a ‘trophy case’ from your books with items found within the pages.  I already see a difficulty for me because there’s a lot I would take.  I’m going to try to stick with a simple list of one thing from each book:

  1. Beginning of a Hero-  This would have to be the scroll that the messenger gave Luke Callindor to get him into Hamilton Military Academy.  That little item may have started it all and it’s just sitting in one of Kevin Masterson’s cabinets.
  2. Prodigy of Rainbow Tower-  A lot happened here, so it’s hard to pick just one item.  I will have to go with a bottle that contains a fireball from Nyx and an acid energy blast from Trinity.  This is where their rivalry/relationship started and I’ve hit a very interesting point with it since then.
  3. Allure of the Gypsies-  The crystal star that Nyx gets, but I won’t say what it does due to spoilers.  I’ll take a second item from here and put Sari’s magic boots in the display.  I’m sure she’ll steal them back within a day or two.
  4. Family of the Tri-Rune-  Well I don’t think taxidermy would work on a Krypter, so I’m going to opt for a bottle of Ifrit Mead.
  5. The Compass Key-  I noticed that I’m not taking trophies that would alter the story, which is odd.  Anyway, I would take the Lich’s cloak from this story.  It really was the one where he got to shine again.
  6. Curse of the Dark Wind-  There are smell enhancing crystals that get used at one point, so I’d want a few of those.  Also a baby wooly tapir for my son.
  7. Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue-  This is going to be rather dark, so there are very few clean things I can claim as a trophy.  You know, this is where I’d claim Luke’s sabers for the trophy case.
  8. Merchant of Nevra Coil-  A full set of champion action figures.
  9. The Mercenary Prince-  Wouldn’t you like to know?  :P

That was harder than I expected because there really is a ton of stuff I would take.  Each character has a signature weapon or item as well as all the monsters, locations, and magic items that appear.  I think I’d need a museum for all the stuff I’d claim.

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Curse of The Dark Wind is in the Top 100! #Kindle #fantasy #adventure



It’s also sitting at #11 on the New Release list associated with that one.  Still not on Epic Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery yet, which I’m hoping for.  Yet this means EVERY Legends of Windemere book has been on a Top 100 Amazon list.  Do I think this one can beat the record of #16 by FAMILY OF THE TRI-RUNE?  It’d be nice, but only time will tell on this one.


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Governments of Windemere: Rodillen

City of Bree from Middle Earth

City of Bree from Middle Earth

This would be the second city that Luke Callindor, Nyx, and their friends visit in Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  Rodillen is sometimes called Two-Faced City because it has an outer facade of a typical port city and the true face of a place run by thieves.

There is a mayor, a judge, and a guard captain who do their jobs like those of any other city.  The difference is that they’re entirely corrupt and exist to give Rodillen a semblance of order/normalcy.  Without these people, there would be nobody to function between the populace and the guild.  It mostly when a stranger breaks a law that these people come into play and show that justice can be served here.  It’s all a show and it tends to revolve around a visiting warrior killing a thief in self-defense.  They make sure to have some of the accused be found ‘not guilty’ to keep up appearances.

As stated, the true power is in the thieves’ guild who have their hideout beneath the surface.  They are run by a Guild Master who takes a share of every theft and spends most of his or her time watching for danger to the guild.  These are the ones who make the laws and pull the strings when events have to unfold a certain way.  It’s been shown that Guild Masters with extreme ambition tend to cause trouble as there have been many who nearly brought the guild to ruin by reaching too high.  So there is also the position of Barbed Whip who is a thief that is given the freedom to openly defy, criticize, and argue with the Guild Master.  After a year, this person can even call for a vote to remove a leader if they can prove that they are a danger to the guild.  By remove, I mean they publicly announce that an assassination will happen unless the rejected leader gets out of town.

Note:  The guild is not typically cruel even if you think that after reading Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  It simply had a greedy jerk of a Guild Master who was recruiting children and selling the failures to various organizations.  He had been in charge for almost a year and was on his way to be revoked.

So you might be wondering why a city like this exists within the kingdom of Serab.  Well, there are a few reasons that Duke Solomon won’t destroy the thieves’ guild and retake Rodillen:

  1. It’s been tried before and the guild returned soon after the royal guards left.  It was seen as a waste of manpower.
  2. The guild has proven to be a valuable source of information and, in times of war, willing spies.
  3. Many thieves gravitate toward the guild.  Without this organization, these people would be spread across the land and might set up multiple guilds.
  4. Rodillen actually pays its kingdom taxes on time and the guild has even been known to help citizens pay off debts.  This is to keep the royal guards and money collectors from showing up, but it’s made it that the city is 100% debt free.
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#KindleDeals: THIRSTY FOR WATER is FREE Today Only!!! #ASMSG #IAN1

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Back in September, I decided to try my hand at writing a short story. I was looking for something new to capture my heart and before I knew what happened, Thirsty for Water was born. It’s very short and I’m very excited to offer it to you for FREE! Hurry, this special offer is for today only!!!


Title: Thirsty for Water

Author: N. N. Light

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Juliet can’t wait to graduate from high school and finally move on with her life. History class seems so last week when Noko appears, pleading for her help. History comes alive like never before and Juliet must decide how she can help Noko and his village before it’s too late.

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