End of November Excerpt Poll! (Sticky Post. Newer Stuff Below.)

By Kayla Matt

By Kayla Matt

So, I’m thinking of doing a week of excerpts for the end of November.  The problem is that I’m not sure what to go with.  Then it hit me.  I’ll just set up a poll and the Top 5-6 characters will get a ‘free to low spoiler’ excerpt.  I might even slip some in from Books 6-8 if they fit.  Feel free to vote even if you haven’t read the books and we’ll see who wins.  My money is on Fizzle.


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What Did I Cook This Week?

Maybe this will become a new thing if I retain the cooking chores around here.  Also if I do any interesting.  This week was rather tame, especially after my parents came home 2 weeks early from their trip.  This didn’t change the menu so much as I didn’t bother taking pictures of the Wednesday and Thursday dishes.  Had more important things to do.  It was only marinated chicken over bagged salad and pizza muffins, so no real loss.  Monday and Tuesday had the fun stuff.

Pasta with Asian Meatballs

Pasta with Asian Meatballs

These are the meatballs from last week with pasta and the last of some vodka sauce.  Small tip: Make sure the meatballs are fully cooked in the microwave before popping one in your mouth.  Cold core is icky.  Have to say the Asian Meatballs were a success.

Maple Kielbasa Bites with Rice

Maple Kielbasa Bites with Rice

Maple Kielbasa Bites

Maple Kielbasa Bites









These are Maple Kielbasa Bites, which are rather simple to make.  1/4 Cup Maple Syrup + 2 Tbsps of Dijon Mustard = dip.  Just coat, skewer, and grill.  For some reason the coating didn’t stick that well this time, so it didn’t have a strong taste.  The hardest part of this recipe was finding the skewers since my parents packed them away somewhere.  Had to buy cheap ones.

This coming week will have the interesting meals.  With my mom going in for surgery any day now, my dad is taking care of her and I’m making the kitchen.  I think Monday is the only easy day with chicken sausage and fries.  After that I have a tofu stir fry, BBQ roast beef sandwiches, canadian bacon sandwiches (BLT variation), and sweet garlic chicken.  Not sure how I’m supposed to edit Curse of the Dark Wind while doing all this.  That isn’t even counting the following week where I tackle a Bourbon Chicken recipe and the ‘king’ of the vacation menu TACO LASAGNA!  That one is a two day workload.

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Special Halloween Treat — New Free Short Story “The Dusk Bugs”!

Originally posted on Michelle Proulx -- The Website:

As the title of this post indicates, I have a special Halloween treat for you — a free short story! This is my latest foray into the world of short fiction writing (the first being, of course, The Coin Collector), and I had a blast writing it. I also suffered several minor panic attacks and a near emotional collapse, but you’ll have to read the story to figure out why.

This short story is, of course …

dusk bugs cover 5

How delightfully campy is that cover? I had so much fun making it — it reminds me of a poster for an old B-movie thriller. Moving on …

The Dusk Bugs Summary

A pleasant evening stroll through the banana kingdom turns terrifying when our intrepid narrator is attacked by the most vicious and relentless of all predators — the dusk bugs.

If you read this story, your skin will crawl and your heart will…

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On This Day of Candy & Costumes

This is nothing more than a hodgepodge of videos and stuff.  Like a haiku/whatever:

Welcome Halloween
A night of sweets and terror
Both beloved and feared

It is a strange day this Halloween.  Just look into the origin of it and your head will spin like a top.  I’d go into it here, but we all know the story or whatever version suits our person beliefs.  It’s either the devil’s favorite day, a day for kids to have fun, a day for teenagers to cause mischief, or just another holiday before Christmas.  It’s just so interesting how this holiday is only topical for a month, but it has such a major impact on the atmosphere.  In all honesty, I think it’s certainly more inclusive than most other holidays.  You don’t have to be a certain religion for it.  At least not the candy and costume version.  Put the torches down, Wiccans.  You don’t need to be in a certain position in life like Valentine’s Day where anyone single feels like shit.  It’s not a beast of a holiday that is steadily absorbing the entire calendar.  Halloween is simply a day of fun that you can easily ignore by putting out an empty bowl with a ‘Take One’ sign.  How are people supposed to know that it was never full to begin with?  Yeah, I’ve had my suspicions about a few people in the neighborhood.  Empty at 2 PM on a school day?  I see.

Personally, I like Halloween because of the atmosphere and the fun.  It’s different now that I have a little guy to take around the neighborhood, but it’s still fun.  That reminds me:

Aidan Olaf

That’s my job for this year.  Leading him around for candy even though he doesn’t have a sweet tooth and can’t eat anything with nuts.  He just enjoys walking around in costume and saying hi to people.  Now to end on the video that I promised at the beginning of the month, which I’m sure at least half of the Internet is posting today:

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Audiobook Giveaway!

Originally posted on disregard the prologue:

Release day approacheth!

I can’t take a lot of credit for this one, what with being a sellout and all. The good folks at Tantor have performed their magic, rounded up their talent, worked hard on this project, and come up with a lovely audiobook version of Bound.

And they sent me some copies. Hooray!



Aaaaaah... shiny!

Aaaaaah… shiny!

Yep, 10 discs. 12.5 hours. Unabridged.

I’m not gonna lie. This is a confusing and exciting time for me. I’ve never listened to a full audiobook, myself. I get really distracted and then have NO idea what’s going on. But I’ve had a chance to listen to snippets from both readers on this one (as in, I got to hear a few minutes when I drove to the grocery store yesterday, YESSSS), and they’re both fantastic readers.

Also… hot accent. Just saying.

If you like audiobooks, I think this is going to…

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Monsters by C. Miller

Last day of monsters has those ‘donated’ by C. Miller.  Check out her blog and her two books: REAVE and ELUDE!


This is a plant creature that has the ability to take the form of whatever flora it touches while in its seed phase.  When a seed, the Garfink has two leafy extension that carry it on the wind and can even flap if it plummets.  Once it lands on or touches a plant, it will combine some of the new pollen with its own to grow into a replica.  For example, a Garfink that touches an oak will become one with a few minor differences.  One is that they grow to full size within a fraction of the time of the original.  They also have hidden barbs that can only be seen if put under a microscope.  Whenever an animal is injured by a Garfink, it is injected with a toxin that puts it into a coma.  This rarely result in death as it is done to create a new seed.  Once awake, the animal will have a headache until they walk outside and are forced to sneeze out the seed.


A strange riding and hunting beast utilized by the people of Gylgruk.  These short-haired creatures have four short legs on a rotund body, which makes you think they aren’t very fast.  Well you would be right, but they don’t really need to be fast since they have incredible endurance.  A Snadderbuckin is 50% mouth and lungs, so it can inhale prey that is bigger than its body.  The long, flat heads resemble a Venus Flytrap with a ‘cage’ of spike-like teeth that it can use to contain whatever it swallows.  Within the mouth is saliva that acts like a tranquilizer and prevents captured prey from fighting back.  The only drawback to the Snadderbuckin being used for hunting is that it is difficult to get the food out of its jaws.  Most times the hunters have to pry the mouth open and remove the prey, risking being trapped themselves.

(Bonus video since I nearly forgot it and made the upcoming post before this one.)

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#Read a #FREEBIE #Fantasy #ShortStory #BOOK by #Author Natasja Hellenthal

Charles Yallowitz:

Enjoy a free fantasy short story!

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:

I have decided to give away a
#FREEBIE of one of my short stories!

It’s currently #2 in Teen and Young Adult and #3 in Science Fiction and

#Fantasy !

Only lasts over the Halloween weekend so grab your change!

I would appreciate a review in return :)


Tana Woodwolf wakes to find herself trapped within a strange land. She learns quickly from the faces of the others that this is no paradise she has been transported to; it is a prison. 

Unable to escape, Tana soon discovers that a dark and malignant force is dragging her and the other prisoners, one-by-one, to unreachable higher rooms of the tower from which they never return. 

If she is to ever escape from there then she will need to use all the guile and strength she has within her. Does one of the others hold the key? Or is it something…

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Ghost Moon Night is available–just in time for Halloween!

Originally posted on Gwen Bristol:

Just a  very quick post to let people know Jewel Allen’s book Ghost Moon Night is finally available. I wasn’t able to go to the release party last night, but I downloaded the book last week and couldn’t put it down.

The ghosts/zombies are really scary, and the island culture is so woven into the story that readers learn a lot about the Philippines, as well. There was a sweet romance subplot, great friends and a terrific main character that I really couldn’t help liking.

If you’re looking for a great Halloween read, check this one out.

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