End of November Excerpt Poll! (Sticky Post. Newer Stuff Below.)

By Kayla Matt

By Kayla Matt

So, I’m thinking of doing a week of excerpts for the end of November.  The problem is that I’m not sure what to go with.  Then it hit me.  I’ll just set up a poll and the Top 5-6 characters will get a ‘free to low spoiler’ excerpt.  I might even slip some in from Books 6-8 if they fit.  Feel free to vote even if you haven’t read the books and we’ll see who wins.  My money is on Fizzle.


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What Do the Heroes Fear?

Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2

Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2

Asked this question of my heroes: What are you afraid of?

Luke Callindor-  Spiders.

Timoran Wrath-  Magic.

Nyx- Really, you two?  That’s as deep as you’re going to go?

Luke-  Well, what about you?

Nyx-  Losing my magic, being deadweight, discovering I’m destined solely to die against the Baron, losing control of my magic, and failing my friends.  That’s how you answer that question.

Delvin Cunningham-  I don’t think it’s a competition.

Nimby-  I’m scared of getting stepped on by giants.

Fritz Warrenberg-  One of my inventions being used for evil purposes.  That happened once and I tore up the plans.  It was too late, so I petitioned to have the weapon banned on all continents.  That’s how you face your fear.

Aedyn Karwyn-  I agree with Nyx that failing my friends and my order weigh heavily on my mind.  Sari and Fizzle have been quiet.

Sari-  Fizzle can go next.  Delvin needs to answer too.  I think Luke and Timoran should answer again.

Fizzle-  Fizzle not sure.  Fear of pain.  Fear of hunger.  Fear of death.  Fizzle not really think of it.

Delvin- To be fair, Visindor Forest is rather calm and you didn’t have much that would be a threat.  I’m going to go with a fear of making a bad decision that gets my friends and family killed.  That’s always something I consider when making plans.  Beyond that, I do have a mild fear of getting stabbed.

Luke-  You’re a warrior.  Why would you be afraid of swords?

Delvin-  Not swords, but actually getting stabbed by them.  It hurts, Luke, so I don’t like it when it happens.  It’s natural to not want something like that to happen.

Luke-  Guess you’re right.  Well, I am scared about failing my friends and making a mistake at the wrong moment.  Also being a burden on others.  I’m rather outclassed here, so I fear that I won’t be able to carry my weight and someone may get hurt trying to protect me.

Timoran-  I believe fear of failing our friends is universal.  I also fear bringing dishonor to my tribe even when I am away.  This is a difficult question since I have been trained to push my fear away or utilize it for strength.

Nyx-  I had similar training.  It’s more common in our world than where the author’s from.  We walk into danger every day with the undead, demons, and other creatures wandering around.  So, what about you, Sari . . . where did she go?

Kira Grasdon-  She ran out and tossed me in with this blue wig.  What’s everyone talking about?

Delvin-  We were asked to say what we fear.

Nyx-  Kira can answer while I wrangle our gypsy.

Kira- I’m not a hero, but I fear the usual stuff.  Death, disease, bandits, being in charge of my father’s business, losing loved ones, and . . . that kind of covers it.  I’m not a warrior like the rest of you.

*Explosions and screaming from outside.*

Nyx- I got her!

Sari-  I don’t like this question.

Timoran-  You will be fine.  We all answered.

Delvin-  I don’t think we should push this.  We’ve been going longer than we should have anyway.

Sari-  They can just read The Compass Key to see my answer.

Aedyn-  Please tell me this thing was not a promotional ploy.

AUTHOR-  No, but I’m having trouble coaxing Sari to answer in this skit.  She’s really resistant.  It was like pulling teeth when I wrote her scenes in the book.  That’s not even counting some of the later stuff.  How about one word, Sari?




Sari-  Abandonment

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Thank Those that Help You

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For those that didn’t catch it, I had a great Live interview/chat with Sally Ember, which you can check out HERE!  I touched on something near the beginning that I wanted to make a post about today.  I didn’t go as far as I should have, but I thought about doing something here.

Very rarely can an author do EVERYTHING!  You may have a cover artist, beta readers, editors, promoters, complimentary copy reviewers, street teams, and several other people that have decided to support you.  I’ve seen a lot of authors talk about these people and how important they are to one’s success.  I don’t always see thanks and I’m guilty of this too.  I we sometimes get caught up in everything and forget how essential these people really are.  Especially when we feel like time is getting short and readers are urging us to rush the process.  As I said in the interview, rushing leads to mistakes.

So, how about a thank your support team day?  Just a shout out today or even tomorrow.

Thank you to Jason Pedersen (cover artist), Ionia Martin (editor & cracker of the ‘stop being stupid’ whip), the parents who help take some of the pressure off, and all of the readers who have stepped into Windemere over the last 1.5 years.

Who do you have to thank?

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Catherine Ryan Howard #selfprintedsplash

Originally posted on Jo Robinson:


I’m participating in Catherine Ryan Howard’s Self-Printed 3.0 Splash event today. She is celebrating the launch of the third edition of her excellent book Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing. Catherine will be answering various self-publishing related questions asked by her fans on sites around and about the internet today. Be sure to visit her for the chance to win cool stuff – her posts are gold for the self-published author, and always entertaining. Now to the question I asked, and her answer.

Jo’s Question: I’d like to know how to put page numbers in properly when publishing with Createspace – so that they don’t start from the very first page of the book.

Catherine’s Answer: You actually inspired me to write a whole, long, detailed (VERY detailed!) blog post on this subject, so thank you! It is a pain but if you go slow and follow my…

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Shrieking Skull of Necrotalis Plains

(Actually surprised I never posted this before.  Swear I did, but I can’t find it in the archives.)

Puwexil from Castlevania IV

Puwexil from Castlevania IV

An open plain
Never crossed by man
Home to ghosts
And every form of ghoul
Slavering for flesh

One such beast
Is the Shrieking Skull
A floating horror
Lacking limbs and trunk
Embraced by putrid light

Found among the trees
Known for their poison sap
They hang in the sunlight
Empty eyes peering
At the ground below

A fleshless jaw
Permanently dropped
Releases a shattering shriek
Heard for many miles
Paralyzing all nearby prey

It pierces what it eats
Directly through the brain
With a needle spine
Bloating with swallowed meat
And powdered bone

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Halloween Deals – My Halloween Love to You!

Originally posted on C.N. Faust:

Hello my darlings! Since I have been so busy working on “The Bitch King” as of late (and have been developing another Dragoloth related side project… more on that later) I haven’t been able to dole out many goodies in honor of my favorite holiday – Halloween! Since it doth approach so quickly, I set up a few deals on Amazon that you will (hopefully) be very eager to grab a hold of! Think of it as my internet Halloween candy as you go blog trick-or-treating (omg analogy police come get me).

Here is a list of my Amazon freebies and Kindle Countdowns running from Oct. 27th (Monday) to October 31st (Halloween!)



“Mr. Fingers” and “The Heretic Priest” are going to be completely FREE for the week of Halloween!!



Yes, The Hollow Living is scheduled for a Kindle Countdown for the Halloween week – starting at…

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Night Terrors


The Wolfman (2010) Poster

The Wolfman (2010) Poster

With gnashing teeth
And jagged nails
These creatures lurk beneath
Feasting on forgotten snails
Until the hallowed night

They wait until the sun is gone
Before rising to the surface
And bring about the darkest dawn
Pushing their sole purpose
To forge a realm of fright

Trees are shredded to their roots
By sharpest fangs and claws
Shadows hide horrific brutes
With gaping, gulping maws
Vast enough to devour light

Screams quickly fill the air
When they find a way inside
Seeking flesh to tear
There is no place to hide
From the hungry shadow blight

A towering form joins the fray
Their master has arisen
For this return they pray
His release from arcane prison
World’s end is now in sight

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SIX DAY BOOK SALE – 99c for Pouring the Cup (Stormflies Book 1) by Elizabeth N Love

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:


US and UK – POURING THE CUP is going on sale for 99c beginning October 22

Sale ends midnight on October 28, 2014!

With great 4 and 5 star reviews, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to grab this title at 1/3 the regular price.
On the faraway planet of Bona Dea, in a society forged by ancient settlers, trouble is brewing. Young psychic Axandra, never comfortable with her gift, is being forced to use it for the benefit of her people as ruling matriarch of the entire world and host to a powerful entity known only as the Goddess. 

Struggling with her fate, used as a pawn between warring factions, life for Axandra is almost too much to bear. Even the ministrations of her beloved companion, Quinn, may not prove powerful enough to overcome the stress threatening to destroy Axandra’s fragile soul.


UK   –  

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