Raven’s Hold Part 8 #thriller #fiction

West Park Asylum

West Park Asylum

“I just want you to watch the girls for a day or two,” Carla says as she hunts for her missing sandals. Feeling rushed, she ties her dark brown hair back while the phone is pressed between her head and shoulder. “You have more than enough vacation time to take a day or two off from time to time. It’s been a month since Ian contacted me and I’m worried. This Raven’s Hold has no website and my friend who is a psychologist has never heard of it. My meeting with Mr. Orson isn’t for another two hours, so you have plenty of time to get back home. Just tell your boss it’s a family emergency. He knows about my brother’s problems, so it shouldn’t surprise him that this is happening. If you want, I can call your father to come and take over tomorrow, so you don’t lose your precious vacation time. Love you too, dear.”

Carla waits for her husband to hang up first before turning her phone off and pretending to strangle the device. Snatching her favorite necklace off her dresser, she spins it on her finger and relaxes while watching the pewter penguin fly in a circle. She hears a door opening behind her and swiftly turns around to see her youngest daughter waddle into the room. The four-year-old is trying to walk in her mother’s sandals while her treasured blanket is wrapped around her like a dress. Carla cannot stop herself from smiling as she kneels in front of her child and opens her arms for a hug.

“You look beautiful, Sarah” she whispers to the girl whose face is still covered in tomato sauce. “Where is your sister? The apartment is too quiet.”

“I’m a decoy!” the child happily declares before falling on her rump. “Allison want me to keep you here. She not eating.”


Carla rushes out of the room to find her oldest daughter standing on the kitchen counter with a paintbrush in her hand. The eight-year-old has a pile of books beneath her feet and is on her toes to reach the ceiling. A sloppy rainbow coming out of a yellow triangle has already been completed and her brush is covered in white for the next part. The floor and counter are covered in spilled paint, tiny footprints telling Carla that her youngest has been walking through the mess. Glancing at the four-year-old, she can see smears of red and blue on the inside of her favorite sandals. Walking to Allison, she hoists the frozen girl onto her shoulder and delivers a solid smack to the rump. She is surprised by the muffled impact and notices that the child has stuffed one of her washcloths into her pants.

“I was prepared this time,” Allison proudly says with a grin. Her expression changes when she is sat on the counter and her mother grabs a nearby flyswatter. “The paint washes off with water. Don’t be too mad.”

Carla slaps the flyswatter onto a nearby wasp with enough force to make her daughter jump off the counter. “I don’t know if I’m angrier about the painting or how dangerous it was to stand on a stack of books. At least put your sister’s stepstool up there. I can only handle destruction and danger separately when it comes to you two. Go get me some wipes from my purse, so I can clean my shoes.”

“Are you going away to yell at Uncle Ian again?” Sarah asks while sitting down to take the sandals off. She puffs out her lower lip and hands the shoes to her mom, who gives her a playful pinch on the nose. “You should ground him like you do to Allison. That way you always know where he is.”

“I’ll consider that idea,” Carla replies as she uses the moist wipes to clean the paint. She catches Allison by the wrist when the girl returns with a dripping mop. “Only on the floor and I better not see you using that on your sister. I don’t want to leave your father with any more of a mess than I have to. You stay out of the way, Sarah. I know you’re already thinking of playing in the dirty water. I want both of you to behave while I get ready.”

“Yes, mom!” the girls say in unison.

Carla leaves her bedroom door open enough to hear even the slightest sound from the kitchen. The damp sandals and a large splotch of paint on her shirt make her sigh, driving her to the nearly barren closet. It takes her several minutes to find a shirt that is not stained or so old that she swears it was given to charity years ago. A simple t-shirt is the best she can do and she grabs a dark green jacket in order to have some color in her outfit. Carla jots down a note for her husband to do laundry and leaves a roll of quarters for him to use. As an afterthought, she gets forty dollars out of her purse along with a coupon for the bounce house place next to the laundromat.

“Mom! Allison is stealing snacks!” Sarah shouts from down the hall. The girl can be heard whispering before her voice rings out again, muffled by the food in her mouth. “Never mind! I didn’t see anything!”

“You two are lucky I’m distracted and in a rush,” their mother says, sticking her head out of the room. She sees her daughters on the floor with a box of cookies between them, the package poorly cloaked by a throw pillow. “I’m tired and probably won’t be home until late tonight. Go ahead and eat all of the snacks. Then you’ll get a tummy ache and be too sick for the zoo tomorrow. Is that what you want?”

“We’ll put them back, mom,” Allison says in defeat.

Scooping up her phone and tossing it into her purse, Carla hurries across the apartment to the office. With more than enough time to prepare, she packs a few odds and ends, including the key to Ian’s apartment. Her fingers stop on a picture of her brother when he held his son for the first time. Thinking back, it is the last time she remembers seeing Ian smile or show any genuine sign of happiness.

“What trouble are you in now, little brother?” Carla whispers in exasperation.

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Stare into the Monster Maker (Day 2)

These creatures have been ‘donated’ by C.S. Boyack:


The new is rather confusing because these deep sea animals aren’t amphibians.  The name comes from them resembling bio-luminescent door jambs with two webbed legs.  Their size ranges from fitting in your palm to that of a house cat.  Scientists are unclear how to categorize the Jambphibians, which have gills and vestigial lungs.  More tests have to be done, which is impossible because they explode if brought out the depths.  It is assumed the lungs attempt to inflate, but the chest cavity no longer has the space to accommodate them.  Perhaps the only thing that we know is they eat like a baleen whale by inhaling water, filtering out the food particles, and letting the water and waste pass out their narrow back end.


Found on the floor of various ruins, it took scientists years to realize that these things were alive.  Showing similar gene markers as an octopus, these square animals take the coloration and design of the ancient tiles.  They do have fifty small claws on the underside to dig a small hole, which allows their belly to bloat after eating.  Their diet consists of bugs, reptiles, and the feet of anything small enough to fit in their camouflaged, sharp-toothed mouths.  Having incredibly strong carapaces, the Cryptiles can withstand a full grown gorilla stepping on them.  Beasts of that size have nothing to fear, but children of larger species can be attacked.  Especially if they get a hand near the mouth because these animals don’t know the difference.  Humans are relatively safe since shoe leather and plastic are toxic to Cryptiles.


A terrifying beast of the Poghyr Desert, this creature resembles a human with chalk white skin.  The covering is very frail and one can see the internal organs on very sunny days.  It is believed that these beings are those who died in the desert and refused to acknowledge their demise.  Part of this theory comes from their confusing expression and a constant, droning request for water.  Problems appear if you do give a Hemocite water and that’s where the terror comes from.  As much as they want water, their bodies are not able to handle it.  Tests have shown that their blood has solidified in the veins, but the addition of water turns it back into a liquid.  Without a functional heart to handle the change, the creature ends up hacking up the blood and dying.  Touching the liquefied blood of a Hemocite will cause a human to have hallucinations while going blind.  The mental illusions prevent the victim from realizing their eyes are now empty sockets.

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Chasing Nonconformity RELEASE DAY!!!

Originally posted on Michelle Proulx -- The Website:

That’s right, my friends! Today is the release day for Book #2 of the Imminent Danger series — Chasing Nonconformity!

I’ve been writing this book since 2010, and hyping it up since 2013, and finally — FINALLY! — it’s published. Feel free to start freaking out. I know I am. It’s done! Woooooooooo!

So Chasing Nonconformity basically picks up right after Imminent Danger ended. We once again follow Eris on her awesome outer space adventures as she flies around the galaxy with Varrin, Miguri, and Grashk, and tries not to get abducted or shot or killed. Which happens to her a lot. Like, a lot.

All the details about the book are below. If you want to help out with the release and share the book link, that would be absolutely awesome. If you do end up reading the book, please consider leaving a review (because reviews are the lifeblood…

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Raven’s Hold Part 7 #thriller #fiction

West Park Aslym

West Park Asylum

“Wait up, Rich,” Ian says as he jogs after the older man. He catches up at the door to the small garden and they take a seat on a marble bench. “I’m sorry you were treated that way. If it means anything, I heard a voice last night. It spoke about normal not being fun.”

“Every patient here has heard that voice at some point,” Rich replies, his voice empty and defeated. He clicks his camera at a nearby butterfly, the noise scaring the insect off the purple flower. “The staff doubt its existence, but I’ve overheard the residents talking about weird events. Strange shadows, a voice at night, and a whole list of signs that there is something wrong at Raven’s Hold. None of them agree with me to my face because they don’t trust me. After all, I’m an outsider.”

“But they think you’re a patient too,” Ian points out, shying away from the glare. “I only mean that it’s obvious they consider you one of them. I don’t see any evidence that they treat you differently. Well, besides Jeremy laying into you, but I get the feeling that he does that to everybody.”

The bald man sighs and adjusts the lens on his camera. “The others pretend to go along with the staff to stay on the doctor’s good side. Think about it. If there is any threat of a leak then those in charge will do whatever it takes to remove the threat. For example, take a reporter who comes too close to the truth and turn them into a patient. That’s only what would happen to an outsider. Imagine if you’re already here and put Raven’s Hold in danger. Only place to go is away and never be heard from again. Maybe the ghosts are of those who uncovered the truth and were eliminated.”

Ian nods and rethinks his decision to befriend the strange man, who still sounds like a delusional patient. The voice from the night before could have been the remnant of a dream or even a conversation he overheard and accidentally interrupted. After all, he doubts a ghost would be thrown off by a simple statement. Seeing how Jeremy reacted to Rich, Ian can easily imagine a malicious patient using the story of strange voices to have some fun. The shadows and other odd happenings probably had even simpler explanations, which he decides not to suggest to his only friend.

“What do they think you’ll do if they agree with you?” Ian asks with a sigh. He pauses when Dawn wanders into the garden, but she immediately heads back inside when she sees the two men. “That was strange. Though I get the feeling that’s just her. Do you know anything about Dawn?”

“It’s best that you hear her story from her. Crossing Ms. Addison can be messy since she’s very unpredictable,” Rich replies while keeping his eye on the windows. He shivers when he thinks of the young woman watching him from wherever she is hiding. “As to the question I can answer, the patients are scared that I’ll go into the basement. I’m sure that’s where the truth behind Raven’s Hold is hidden. Maybe this whole place is an experiment to see what effects certain stimuli have on the mentally unstable. No offense.”

“Kind of hard to take offense when it’s true,” the blonde man replies with a half-hearted smirk. A flicker of movement draws his attention to a rabbit that is wondering through a nearby patch of ivy. “Dr. Rutherford told me that a few of the previous patients abused some of the wildlife here. I find it interesting that the animals stay so close to the building after that happened.”

“They’re only dumb animals. Probably don’t know any better.”

“I was attacked by squirrels on my first day.”

“That’s more common than people think.”

Ian scratches his head and goes back to watching the rabbit, the animal hopping within a few feet of him. For the first time, Rich takes notice of the rodent and stomps his foot in an attempt to scare it away. Instead, the black-furred rabbit stares at him and twitches its ears in irritation at the loud noise. It scampers along the walkway and ducks into the open door, startling a female patient who rushes out of the building. The woman keeps running until she disappears around the far corner.

“Thank you for trying to make me feel better,” Rich says while awkwardly patting Ian on the shoulder. The man forces a weak smile and runs his thumb along the dial that focuses his camera. “It’s more kindness than I’ve been shown since I got here. Genuine kindness and not the humoring I get from everyone else. For what it’s worth, I hope this place isn’t a supernatural pit of ghosts and you recover. You seem like a really nice guy, Ian, and it sucks that you’ve had to suffer so much. My best friend took her life in high school and I still occasionally wonder if there was anything I could have done.”

“Do you ever come up with an answer?” Ian asks, his breathing becoming rapid and labored. Rubbing the side of his head, the young man subtly grabs and twists his ear to give himself a jolt of pain. “I usually just run the entire thing through my head until I have a panic attack. Then I wake up feeling like I should be the one who died. It’s a nightmarish cycle that I can’t break myself out of.”

“The only answer I have is that hindsight is a useless skill,” his friend replies with a bitter chuckle. “Look on the bright side. You understand that you have a problem and need to get better. Most people remain in denial about their situation. Sure you’ll break out of the cycle at some point. Sorry if I upset you. Do you need me to get you a paper bag or something? You’re going to hyperventilate.”

“I’ll be fine,” the younger man claims while putting his head between his knees. A few gulps for air nearly make him vomit, but he manages to pull himself together. “To be honest, I’m rather easy to set off, so I don’t hold it against anyone who does it by accident. Besides, you were trying to help. Beats my older sister and her husband trying the tough love approach or treating me like a helpless child. They don’t really understand what my wife or I am going through. I probably never explained it very well and they took it as whining or a childish attempt to hide from people.”

“If you could explain it clearly then you’d probably be better now.”

“Good point.”

A blood-curdling scream causes both men to leap to their feet and hurry back into the building. Orderlies cut them off before they can get more than a few steps, each staff member ready with a sedative. Rich and Ian put up their hands and calmly back toward the wall while watching some of the rowdier patients get contained by force. A whistling janitor is hurrying with a mop and bucket, but he is stopped by a woman pushing a gurney. She waits for her coworkers to get everything under control and quietly moves the wheeled bed toward a groaning form that is covered by a sheet.

Another cry of agony rings out and the red-haired man from the morning’s group session throws his covering away. Blood is spread across the floor, which riles a few of the more sensitive patients. The red liquid seeps from a wound on his heel that has neatly severed his Achilles tendon. It is a very precise and clean cut that reminds many of the orderlies of a surgical incision. Whimpering and reaching down to his leg, the red-haired man tries to roll over and cries in pain. He shivers and clenches his teeth as his body begins to go into shock. It takes several orderlies to left the heavy patient onto the gurney and they quickly try to wrap the wound with gauze.

“I swear I didn’t do it,” Jeremy says from where he has been cornered. “I was at the other end of the hallway when he went down. Where would I get something to make a wound like that anyway? I don’t even have any blood on me.”

“Hand from the floor,” the injured man mutters as he is carted away. He stares wide-eyed at Rich and Ian, but they get the feeling he does not really see them. “Saw it in the window. It rose out of the floor with a razor. One swipe and I fell. Something is living in the basement. It put its hand through the floor. Like a ghost.”

A sedative stops his rant before he gets too excited and he gradually falls asleep, the gauze already dripping onto the white sheet. The janitor hurries to clean the pool of blood and stops to shoo away the rabbit. With a twitch of its nose, the rodent ignores the bearded man and goes back to licking at the puddle. An orderly eventually grabs the rabbit and takes the thrashing animal outside, its teeth puncturing her hands several times.

“I didn’t think rabbits drink blood,” Ian whispers, watching the rodent disappear into the bushes. “Am I alone in thinking that was strange?”

“You’re not alone on that one,” Rich replies, clicking a few pictures of the blood pool before it is gone. He jumps when Dawn steps out from behind him and bends down to touch the crimson rabbit prints. “I wish I had an explanation for this, but it’s nothing like any of the visions and voices I’ve heard. Maybe the guy made the ghosts mad, so they decided to punish him. Not sure what he could have done to anger them though.”

“He scared the bunny,” Dawn says while sniffing at the blood on her fingers. She wrinkles her nose and wipes the liquid on the back of the janitor’s pants. “You should never scare a sleeping bunny.”


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The Wait is over Of Darkness and Light is on sale today

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The wait is finally over, Book two of the series The Vampire Realm: Of Darkness and Light is finally live for purchase on your e-reader.  It has been a great road putting a hat on and becoming each of these characters and I can’t wait to finish the series with a bang!!!

new cover august 2015 option 1

For Sale at these locations:

Amazon/Amazon UK/Amazon CA
Barnes & Noble

Of Darkness and Light is the follow up book to Rise of a Queen, part of The Vampire Realm series. Where Rise of a Queen tells the tale of Tessa’s struggles and defeats, the introduction of Tessa’s family brought forth a new tale to tell.

The rise of her empire came at a cost

Tessa’s vision of a future where vampires and humans lived united had all but disappeared. Her family, torn by the wars that ravaged her land…

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Questions 3: Tis the Season to be Ghostly

Library Ghost from Ghostbusters

Library Ghost from Ghostbusters

Sticking to a Halloween theme, so we’re going with ghosts today.  So you know the drill and let’s have some fun.

  1. If you were a ghost, what is the first thing you would do?  (This is for after you come to terms with your new existence.)
  2. Is there a specific place you would want to haunt?
  3. How would you handle the years of being around, but unable to interact with the world?
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Doomsday League by Kandie Delley @KanKan929 + #Giveaway #SFF #UrbanFantasy

Originally posted on POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing:





Thanks for having me as a guest blogger for your website.

Woohoo! I’m too excited!

Okay, so let me break a few things down for ya!

Since about third grade, I envisioned writing and producing an action-adventure, or fantasy film.  Over the years, I have integrated that goal into my eBooks.  In fact, most of my books feature strong female protagonists with big—sometimes reluctant–hearts, their adventures and the men who love them.

2015 marks a year of evolution in my creative world, and one of those catalysts, my upcoming novella, “Doomsday League” , represents that exciting change.

Doomsday League features Ember Dawn, a feisty and opinionated teen, on the verge of graduation and at the brink of falling in love with the school’s brooding heart throb, when she learns the truth about her family’s legacy and her role as a sentinel who must save Earth.

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