Looking to the Future and Drawing a Blank

From Simpsons

From Simpsons

Coming to the end of August and all the posts are ready for September.  That’s all except the Tuesday Teasers, Questions 3, and goal posts.  Anything involving a debut hasn’t been written up either.  So there will be a few surprises.

More so in October since September used up everything on my list of blog post ideas.  I’ve got nothing.  Part of me considered using the month to gradually post the Paranormal Thriller, but not everyone is a fan of that genre.  My stats are bad enough here due to summer, exhaustion, mild depression, and yada yada.  So I’ve got no idea what to do, especially since the August Interviews didn’t get a ton of attention.  Here are the possibilities though:

  1. Gather ideas from the audience like before.  Probably won’t cover the whole month and I’ll be in trouble with November.
  2. Revive the ‘Monster Mash’ game and do an entire month of that or at least make it a Friday thing.  This is where people give me gibberish words and I turn them into monsters or something.  It was fun every time.
  3. Toss ‘Raven’s Hold’ out there for free.
  4. Go silent or only reblog.  Not a good option.
  5. Focus on monsters of Windemere leading up to Halloween.  Drites, Weapon Dragons, Griffins, Undead, Dawn Fangs, Trolls, Ogres, etc.  This one might be interesting.  I could choose the ones that never got much attention on the blog.

Anyway, I’m putting myself out there to see what people think.  Hoping I’m not looking at a dangerous burnout in terms of blogging.  Just covered so many topics that I can’t think of anything else.

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N. N. Light Author Promotions: Two Announcements #bookreviews #bookpromo #authors

Originally posted on Princess of the Light: Books, Writing and Inspiring Others:

N N Light Author Promotions

Announcement #1:

As of August 31, 2015 N. N. Light Author Promotions has closed the sign-up window for book reviews. I am completely booked until the end of the year. I have 25 books to review and I’m only one person. :)

Stay tuned as I will re-open the sign-up window the first week in January 2016.

Announcement #2:

I have a brand new service for authors. Do you have an upcoming book sale/countdown deal and looking for an extra boost? Consider using my new service:

Twitter Book Blast (one day- 7 tweets- I’ll tweet about your book sale to my Twitter followers)

I will tweet about your discounted book for one 24 hour period (Monday through Friday only). I will create 7 tweets for you and will tweet them out to my engaged Twitter followers. I will need the following so I can customize tweets for you:

Book Title


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August Interview: Ichabod Brooks the Adventuring Family Man

Ichabod Brooks

  1. If you had the choice of any occupation, what would you actually like to be?
    I’m good at carving things up, so maybe a butcher.  Not one that owns livestock since I can barely keep a pet turtle alive.  So I’d need to make deals with local farmers and hunters.  Best to throw in some produce too.  You can never have enough product to sell, especially when it’s food.
  2. Do you have any hobbies that you would like to be able to spend more time on?
    A lot of my hobbies are things I do to entertain my son.  Shadow puppets, painting, nature hikes, and some sports.  The one thing I do for myself is catalog the local flora and fauna.  Just to see if I can spot signs of changes in their behavior or the overall environment.  This can help my family and me plan for harsher times.
  3. What’s your favorite meal?
    My wife cooks a delicious emerald trout.  She won’t tell me the spices and the recipe is locked in her enchanted cupboard.  Give me that, some fresh rolls, and a mug of Dwarven ale.  Perfect meal.
  4. Do you play any musical instruments–if so, what? If you don’t, what would you like to play?
    Not very well.  I can do some children songs on a small flute that I whittled.  My son keeps stealing the thing, so I’m always making a new one.
  5. Is there any one in particular that you wish you didn’t have to be around?
    Bards.  I really wish they’d stop singing about me.
  6. Have you ever been strongly attracted to someone and it never developed?
    Back in my younger days, but those are faded memories.  Happily married and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  7. Are you surprised about what you have become? Is this what you expected when you were a child?
    I’m surprised people keep hiring me for jobs and trying to swindle me.  It doesn’t happen as often as it used to since my reputation keeps growing.  Not sure why that is either.  I do what I do and go home to the family.  I don’t see your average guy getting exaggerated bard songs sung about him.  As far as childhood expectations, I never had a clue what I was doing.  Something was interesting and I learned about it.  Probably why I can’t give myself an exact job title.
  8. What is your biggest fear?
    Losing my family and not coming home to them.  I take the jobs to put food on the table, but I’d switch to an equally lucrative job and safer job in a heartbeat if one existed.
  9. If you could change places with another person in Windemere, who would it be and why?
    Whoever is standing within throttling range of the bard who started singing about me. My wife says I have to let this grudge go, but it gives me such a headache.  Contrary to popular belief, I can’t juggle dread boars while drinking an entire keg of ale.  The first part is impossible and I’m not young enough to even attempt the second.
  10. What makes you happy?
    Waking up to the most beautiful woman in the world and a kid who never stops smiling.
  11. What does teamwork mean to you?
    Hard to answer that question since I tend to work alone.  Not really alone, but I’m a solo recruit.  If I end up teaming up with somebody on a job then we were probably hired separately or I had to call in a friend.  So teamwork is certainly a tool that one uses when faced with something they can’t handle alone.  If you can combine it with a solid friendship then more power to you.
  12. How would you define honor?
    Simple.  If you sign the contract then you abide by the contract.  Keep your word and that’s what will show you have honor.
  13. What’s the best way to hunt monsters?
    This is where a group can come in handy and getting half the payment up front is a necessity.  Wild animals are unpredictable, so you never know what will happen.  The best you can do is find out what you’re hunting, learn as much as you can about it, and plan accordingly.  If you’re going in blind then try to cover as many possibilities as you can.  Remember when I mentioned cataloging flora and fauna?  See if you can find a local who has done it and they may give you a hint about your target.  After all, you don’t find desert creatures wandering around the northern tundras.
  14. What’s your first response when someone makes you really, really mad?
    If they get me that angry then I’d punch them.  The question does seem to imply that I’ve lost my temper in this scenario.  In truth, it would take a bit of time to get me to that point.  Nobody wants to hire a guy that’s a loose cannon and random brawls can end in more of a headache than getting insulted.  Pick your battles and only follow the ones that are truly worth it.
  15. What’s it like working for Charles?
    He’s a good man, but I haven’t received a job from him in a while.  That was finding his daughter who got lost in the jungle, which was certainly one of my easier jobs.

Check out more of Ichabod Brooks in

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Something fun from Mae Clair

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:

Hey readers, Mae Clair is doing a promotion and stopped by to tell us all about it. Mae loves cryptids, and blogs about them as well as featuring them in her fiction. I am driving home from Bigfoot country today, and really appreciate Mae promoting on this blog. You guys make her feel welcome today.

End of Summer Sale: Solstice Island by Mae Clair is FREE8/31 and 9/1

#cryptidfiction #romance #adventure

I know summer isn’t officially over until the autumnal equinox rolls around mid-September, but by the time the calendar reads August 31, I’m already thinking fall. My husband and I will be closing our pool this coming weekend, Halloween stuff is stocked in most every store I visit, and the days are growing noticeably shorter. I live in the northeast where summer is much, much too short. Blink and it’s easy to miss. I love fall, but…

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Shattered Goals and . . . What’s That Other Thing?

No writing.  Outings with kid all week.  Hot and busy.  No outlining.  Last weekend in August and a few days until school starts again.  Then Labor Day.  Then Rosh Hashana.  Then Yom Kippur.  No full weeks of school for a while.  No book debut yet.  No news.  No sanity.  No audience?  So tired.

Goals . . .

  1. See movie today.
  2. Have lunch today.
  3. Do laundry today.
  4. Possibly start writing ‘Crossing Bedlam’ today.
  5. Return to fatherhood.
  6. Prepare for school.  Includes making grilled cheeses, pizzas, and/or Mac & Cheese for lunches.
  7. Pray for book debut.
  8. Release special project on Labor Day weekend anyway.
  9. Write more of ‘Crossing Bedlam’.  Hope to finish by end of September.
  10. Release Merchant of Nevra Coil if everything works out.
  11. Start biking again.
  12. Spend first day of school doing notebook work and toying with another idea that might be posted about instead of a Tuesday Teaser.
  13. Post Mark Hamil doing the Joker eulogy below:

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Bookbub Insights: Launch a New Book that’s Part of a Series

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksContinuing my Bookbub-inspired series of book marketing posts, I will now address the question of promoting a new book that’s part of a series.

Series novels let you reach new readers who still haven’t discovered your books yet. Hook readers on one book, and chances are they’ll be begging for more. But how do you find new readers in the first place?

Cheryl Bradshaw has the answer, courtesy of Bookbub.

One to Two Months Prior to Release

1. Redesign platform elements. A couple of months before your book release, kick things off by posting a new banner on your Facebook page, blog, and other relevant sites. It should include the book cover reveal, the release date (if known), and language such as “coming soon” so readers know to stay tuned.

2. Hint about the upcoming release. Whenever you can, sneak in comments on your blog and  pages about the book and how the…

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The Best Writing Advice You’ll Ever Get…(Guest Post)

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:

Andrew Joyce

For a few years now, Chris has been posting articles to help us with our craft. I’ve learn some valuable things on this site, from editing to copywriting to marketing books and everything in between. I might have missed it, but there is one bit of advice that I have not seen here. And that is, if you want to write well, you must read.

Reading to a writer is as medical school is to a doctor, as training is to an athlete, as breathing is to life. Think of reading books as taking a writing course.

I would suggest reading the classics: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and, of course, Steinbeck, to name but a few. These three authors made up their own rules. (Hemingway couldn’t get published at first because his writing was so different from the writing that preceded him.)

Below are three examples of Steinbeck’s writing. If you read…

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