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This past week was time with the kid.  Makes me realize that I won’t be getting anything done for the last half of August while he’s home.  That new idea might take longer to write than I expected then since I doubt I can finish it during my 5 days away.  Not unless it comes out shorter than expected, but I have 14-15 chapters so far.  Maybe more if some adventures take longer than others.  Anyway, I’ll be lucky if I get the initial sequence of events done before leaving on the trip.

As for the trip, I’m away and that’s really it.  Classic car show, zoo, and fireworks are on the agenda as far as I know.  Beyond that, I’m just one of the drivers and kid wranglers.  It will be interesting to see how he does sleeping in a bed that isn’t his own.  My son is a creature of habit and schedule, so it’s anybody’s guess how he’ll react to a new environment.  All I will say is that forcing an issue does not end while.  The kid does not forget what upsets him and makes sure you hear about it for days.  Fingers crossed that things run smoothly and I don’t return Monday night feeling like I went 50 rounds with a hyperactive, gamma-powered squirrel.

So, what is the plan for next week?

  1. EDITING!  I start the big editing run with the hope of getting through Books 9-11 before writing Book 12.
  2. Outlining new idea bit by bit to be ready for August.
  3. Get back to biking since I only did it once this week.
  4. Eat, drink, and sleep.
  5. Maybe get a haircut.

Happy July 4th to those who celebrate!
Happy weekend to those that don’t!

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Smashwords Sale! 1-31st July 2015

Originally posted on Library of Erana:

Smashwords have a summer sale! Loads of books are on offer from 75% off to free.

To celebrate I have offered my books at a discount.

How the Program Works:

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on July 1, the special Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale promotion catalog goes live on the Smashwords home page.  Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories.  At the stoke of midnight Pacific time on July 31, the catalog disappears.

The coupon codes only work at Smashwords, not at retailers served by Smashwords.

http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/290716 at 50% off – using the voucher code on site. SSW50

http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/352783 at 25% off – using the voucher code on site. SSW25

And finally http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/431160 for FREE!!!! Using code SSW25

Please be kind enough to leave a review.

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Talking to a Muse. Guest Post by C.S. Boyack

Big thank you to C.S. Boyack for being a guest on my blog.  Anyone who has ventured to his blog (listed at bottom of post) has seem him talk about his muse, Lorelei.  I’ve asked if she can make an appearance and talk about how they met and the challenges of working with an author.  Now, Lorelei is a Greek Muse from Olympus. She is brunette, athletic, and beautiful like a goddess should be. She’s built like an Olympic diver. She tends to teach Craig things.  So let’s meet a muse.

I’ve been asked to tell you about the care and nurturing of an author. The best way is to give you a bit of history between Craig and I.

I observed him for years, because he was always a creative fellow. He had a vivid imagination, and the Muses were getting desperate. The 1980s was a time of remaking everything; movies, movies from old television shows, sequels that didn’t bring anything new, even old songs were being remade. We needed fresh ideas, and I may have jumped the gun a bit.

I pulled on some bright spandex, proofed my hair up until it was huge, and pulled on a pair of those old-style roller skates; before the inline kind were invented. Craig had been working 16 hour shifts, six days per week that summer. He was a draftsman, and the computer was about to replace his profession. His company purchased a new word processor. This program came on two floppy disks and there was just enough room on the hard drive to save one document.

Craig had to learn to use the computer to print all the lettering onto clear stickers to place on his maps. He was out in the shade while the machine printed some document. Things were slower back then. I skated up and struck a pose to attract his attention. It wasn’t hard.

We chatted and I convinced him to write some fiction. It was bad Star Trek fiction, and he never actually completed a project. He didn’t stand a chance with me, but there were other girls around, and he only had so many available hours. The project was a failure.

I didn’t check in with him again until about 2007. He’d just gotten his first iPad and had conquered the Internet. It was winter and he was unlikely to go outside much. He’d gotten married and had three children. My timing was perfect.

I convinced him to try again, and the mature Craig was a finisher. It was bad, but at least I had a starting place.

We talked about the basics and his work slowly improved. I gave him ideas and he managed to complete the projects.

Craig’s mind is a little bit different. Sometimes my vision isn’t what gets on the page, but I’ve learned to roll with it. Once I described a cute fawn playing in a forest. Craig must have heard “faun”, which is a different creature. He wrote about a hideous goat demon called El Chivato who spirited people away from the Panama Canal.

I took him to the author’s bone yard one day. We walked along the red brick road, and discovered the discards of other authors. We spoke to the head left there by Washington Irving, and had to hide from a man-eating woodpecker left there by Peter Benchley.

Craig got the idea that some ideas need modification. Some things get discarded along the way. Not every creation is golden, and it takes work to get them right. That weekend I gave him a raven from Olympus. The bird’s name is Doubt, and he induces second thoughts about Craig’s work. Craig has proven himself capable of overcoming Doubt, but he still needs the power he brings.

Now he’s working on short fiction. I give him ideas, and his capabilities won’t let everything work at novel length. The ideas are getting used, and short fiction is a time honored creative process.

Nurturing an author takes baby steps. It’s taken years, but Craig has produced some good stories. He gets all hissy over publishing them, but I don’t care if he ever does. It’s the creativity that I’m looking for. It feeds me, and I take care of him in return.


will o the wispCraig’s newest book is called Will O’ the Wisp. It’s a paranormal story that is safe for young adults. It includes a strong coming of age story, and is set in the 1970s.


There is something evil up Bergamot Holler, and it’s been targeting the Hall family for generations.

Patty Hall is fifteen years old. She loves stargazing, science fiction, and all things related to space exploration. This leaves her perfectly prepared for the wrong problem.

Patty fears her mother will send her to a care facility if she tells her what she’s seen. If she doesn’t figure things out soon, she’s going to join her father in the Hall family cemetery plot.

Patty has to come to grips with her own physical handicap, survive the wilderness, and face an ancient evil all alone if she’s going to survive.

Purchase links:

Northern American Continent http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B00UPH6BNS

Author Links

Follow my blog: http://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com

Check out my novels here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00ILXBXUY

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Virgilante

On Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9841203.C_S_Boyack

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You get a magic sword! You get a magic sword! Everyone gets a magic sword!

Charles Yallowitz:

A fun topic for fantasy authors.

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:

Charles Yallowitz and I are doing a blog swap today. I asked him to give us a brush up on writing magical items into our stories. I hold this advice is good across the spectrum of speculative fiction. Upscale science fiction items will run into the same issues. Here is Charles’ primer on magic items:

Thank you to Craig who has asked me to write about magical items and give some tips on how to use them. As you can guess, I primarily write fantasy stories and enchantments are classic fare of the genre. So this topic is up my alley and now I realize how often I use these things. Is that a good or bad thing? Well, it really depends.

You see, there are many schools of magic item usage and I’m going to mention two of the big ones. There are Lord of the Rings type worlds…

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Life’s Labyrinth

(Small note: I’ll be a rarity for a few days.  Long trip there and back and not 100% certain I’ll have Internet access very often.)

Labyrinth from Labyrinth

Labyrinth from Labyrinth

Life is a Labyrinth
Winding, forked, and foggy
Never given a map
Advice from every corner
Surprising we can find our way

A few missteps
Can be recovered
Wiped away and forgotten
While others close the path
Preventing your backtrack

You can only push forward
Accepting every turn
Learning as you go
Claiming victory and loss
And everything between

Mazes merging together
For better or worse
At least you’re not alone
While continuing
To the inevitable end

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YA Dystopian Cliches

Charles Yallowitz:

Fun and a weekend deal!

Originally posted on Michelle Proulx -- The Website:

Before you check out the awesome cliches below, I advise you to put it in your calendar to hop over to Amazon tomorrow, because Imminent Danger is free to download Saturday-Monday!

* * *

All credit for these goes to https://twitter.com/DystopianYA.

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New release: In the Garden of Weiia by Elle Boca

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:

You may remember Elle Boca and her urban fantasy Weeia universe from her recent interview on this blog. She has now released her latest book, In the Garden of Weeia. Fans of her series (myself included) will be relieved to learn that the story continues, albeit without Amy – aka the Unlemoija. This new story features Ernie, the wiz-kid who got a second chance at life, courtesy of Amy.

When Amy and her sister dropped Ernie off at Harry’s house near Portland, Maine before vanishing into the past, they hoped to give him a fresh start.

Unfortunately, Ernie, a lanky shy man with a natural gift for technology and gadgets enhanced by his superhuman Weeia abilities, fell in with the wrong crowd. Left holding the bag for a crime he did not commit, Ernie is sentenced to the Weeia equivalent of public service, doing grub duty at the Marshals Academy, where the…

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