Goal Post: At Least I’m Off the Antibiotics

Well, this week didn’t really go as planned.  Let’s get right to how last weekend had me asking God why I was being punished.  Sequence of events:

  1. I mentioned in comments that my car had issues, so I took it to the mechanic for the air conditioner and transmission to get fixed.  AC was doable, but sticky transmission wasn’t worth it since it might just be dirty.
  2. Walking back home, I started to feel an ‘issue’ that had been slightly annoying the night before.  Now, it hurt and I had to get to a doctor.  That required walking to the clinic, which was twice as far away from the garage as my house.  Got myself checked out to find that I had: A UTI.  Antibiotics meant no ice cream or biking for a week.
  3. On the walk home, I ordered breakfast from Subway through their app.  Hadn’t eaten at all, so I was hungry.  Got there to find that the specific store doesn’t do breakfast anymore.  I had to get the order refunded to my card and then I wandered home in triple defeat.
  4. New air conditioners were being installed, so I couldn’t get a ride for my meds and food until that was done.

Here is where I stop the list and go into the nightmare part.  The UTI triggered lower back pain, which happens at times.  That triggered an IBS attack that forced me to go to the hospital a few years ago.  Imagine somebody stabbing you in the intestines and twisting the blade without easing up.  There was crying, puking, and praying for death.  I tried icepacks, cold showers, the AC, and everything I could think of to chill myself, which works better than heat.  In the end, I simply passed out on the bed around 7 PM and woke up again around 9:30 PM feeling better.  I know biofeedback and meditation can help because they remove the stress that causes the IBS attack to get so back.  I’ve always been bad at that, but I guess passing out counts.  I spent the rest of the weekend being cautious and resting.

Needless to say, I didn’t achieve my writing goals.  I got half a chapter done before things got crazy again.  Work was the last two days of classes and then proctoring tests, which meant I was exhausted when I got home.  I also came home to help my son study for his finals.  So, I wouldn’t get to rest until 9ish.  No writing at that time of night when I need to sleep at 10.  Chalked it all up to bad luck since losing Saturday and some of Sunday truly destroyed my goals.

I did start working on the Nintendo Lego set.  I’ll probably make a post about that since it’s really interesting.  This set is an old Nintendo, controller, Super Mario Bros cartridge, and a TV with rabbit ears.  The inner mechanics are pretty cool.  Should take me a few weeks though since I’m sure I can finish at least the partially done chapter before the next weekend.

Been stressed out a lot in general too.  Personal issues reared their head alongside the medical ones.  This added to the stress and exhaustion.  Weird bouts of nostalgia keep getting triggered too.  Might be because of the song that ‘Stranger Things’ made popular again.  It’s on the radio station I listen to, so it catches me by surprise and I start having childhood flashbacks.  I really don’t know how to explain these or how they make me feel exactly.  Can’t tell if I’m happy or sad when they pop up.  Weirdest part is that I see them in the same muted color that I remember videos and pictures from the 1980’s being.  So, I think my mind is messing with me on this front.  Guess I’ll put the music video up at the top for those who don’t know it.

I finished ‘Restaurant to Another World’ while struggling with the stomach issues.  After that, I tried out another anime called ‘Sabikui Bisco’.  It takes place in a world that has a rust disease that eats living and non-living things.  There are people who fire arrows that sprout mushrooms, which people think spread the Rust.  In reality, the mushroom keepers are hunting for a cure.  Interesting concept and world, but I felt like it moved too quickly and lost something for that.  Now, I’m watching another short anime called ‘Glepinir’, which is about a guy cursed to become a monster.  It’s a dog person mascot with a gun and he’s hollow, so a girl who wants revenge on another monster can climb into him to take control of his body.  She’s usually in her underwear, swimsuit, or naked, which I still don’t fully understand.  Not sure what to watch after this one.  It might be season 3 of ‘The Boys’ if I feel up to that level of mayhem.

Well, one more week of school to go.  I can make it.  Here’s the goal list:

  1. Work!
  2. Parenting.
  3. Writing when possible.
  4. Biking again.
  5. Lego set work.
  6. Sleep when tired.
  7. Buy healthier snacks like yogurt and grapefruit.
  8. Hydrate since it’s getting hot.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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6 Responses to Goal Post: At Least I’m Off the Antibiotics

  1. Any kind of infection is rough. Worse when it sets of other things. Glad you seem to be feeling better, at least until the auto repair bill arrives.


  2. UTI and IBS. Yikes. Good thing you went straight to the doctor.


  3. Victoria Zigler says:

    Infections are always tough to deal with, and with the stress and such too I’m sure it was even tougher. Hope you’re starting to feel better from that at least by now. And that sucks about the Subway breakfast. Good luck with this week’s goals.


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