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Princess Cyrena: The Altered Harpy

Princess Cyrena is the wife of the Shadow Earl and the caretaker of Rayne.  In fact, it’s stated that she was transformed from a regular harpy to one that is more humanoid and civil.  Even stranger, she has a facial … Continue reading

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Roland Gauntlier and Hyde: Allies of Kira Grasdon

There might not be as much to say about these two as I’d hoped, which might be apparent since I put them together.  Both of them were added to Quest of the Brokenhearted once I decided to make it focus entirely … Continue reading

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Rayne: Raised Among the Monsters

I really haven’t gone into any of the supporting cast of Quest of the Brokenhearted, so now feels like the time.  There really wasn’t much outside of the champions, Kira Grasdon, and the Shadow Earl.  A few characters turned up to … Continue reading

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Designing a Fighting Style for Your Character

Last year, I wrote a trio of posts that gave tips on three categories of fighting styles.  This was just a general overview of Strength, Agility/Speed, and Counters/Thinkers, which most styles can be fit into.  Of course, this is boiling … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Battles: Let The Owies Begin!

One thing that Quest of the Brokenhearted did is push my limits on writing fight scenes.  Many people thinking writing an action scene is easy because you just have to put in ‘fighting stuff’.  This includes punches, kicks, soliloquies, gloating, guns, … Continue reading

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Turn the Wild Dial Up to 20

Quest of the Brokenhearted has a lot of battles because a major plot point is the Lacarsis tournament.  This means I had to make the action scenes a central focus of at least one scene per non-opener/closure chapter.  I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Monsters on Monsters in Fiction

Ogre-  Do we have any of the monsters above in this chat room? Vampire-  I’m here, but I’m the romantic kind. Werewolf-  Same. Dragon-  That would be a no then.  This is exactly the problem I was talking about last … Continue reading

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