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Teaser Tuesday Poll: Any Requests?

So, I’m putting a poll here, but people can request something that highlights a specific character or location from my books too.  Another option will be to tell me to stop doing Teaser Tuesdays and come up with something else … Continue reading

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War of Nytefall October Interviews

  To help continue the promotions of War of Nytefall: Lost through October, I’m going to do a weekly character interview.  It’ll be every Wednesday, which means the top 4 characters of the poll below will be there.  I’ll use the … Continue reading

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The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks: Cover Reveal & Special Poll

And here’s the cover! The Big Day is July 3rd! One question that I’m working on is, which story should I take the excerpt from.  Sounds like the perfect time for a poll.  Here is a link to the category … Continue reading

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Ichabod Brooks and the . . . Poll

So, I thought I’d just put something simple up for today and keep it a sticky until the next morning.  I have a lot on my plate in the next few days that might take me away more than I’d … Continue reading

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October will be Monster Month of Legends of Windemere. Join in the Fun!

So I’m hunting for blog posts to do in October and a good suggestion was made from the list of ideas.  Halloween is the big event that month, so I’ll be focusing on monsters.  This means two things that require … Continue reading

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End of November Excerpt Poll! (Sticky Post. Newer Stuff Below.)

So, I’m thinking of doing a week of excerpts for the end of November.  The problem is that I’m not sure what to go with.  Then it hit me.  I’ll just set up a poll and the Top 5-6 characters … Continue reading

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Add On to Poll Post

I should have added this in, but feel free to explain why you think one works better than the others.  I’m trying to find a nice balance between useful item and trying not to make Nyx invincible.  So, any feedback … Continue reading

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First Poll: Nyx’s Magic Item

I’ve run into an issue and I figure now is a good time to test out the poll function of WordPress.  I want to give Nyx a magical defense item and I’ve run into problems with how it should work.  … Continue reading

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