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My Three ‘Novel’ Styles: All About Form

First, the above is rather true.  I’m always adding onto a story, so keeping it short is a challenge.  That’s not what this post is really about, but it connects to how I write my stories.  It’s why my styles … Continue reading

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Pieces of a Book: Chapters and Scenes

I’m a big Planner.  From Legends of Windemere to Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks, I set things up before I really get started.  I look at this as a first draft in a way because it helps me lock in main … Continue reading

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Chapter Section Length

I sit here staring at a 4 page chapter section.  I remember writing sections that were 8-13 pages long in the previous books with a few at 6 or 7.  So, I wonder if there is something wrong with a … Continue reading

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