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Questions 3: Love and Pain on Valentine’s Day

Yeah.  This isn’t romantic at all, but Valentine’s Day isn’t really my holiday.  It does get me thinking about how closely linked love and pain are.  To be in love, you open yourself to another and expose yourself to the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Love Aflame by Pamela Beckford

I recently read ‘LOVE AFLAME’ by Pamela Beckford.  I’ve read her previous poetry collections, so I had an idea of what to expect.  She didn’t disappoint.  Here’s the Amazon Review: Pamela Beckford has created another great collection of romance poems. … Continue reading

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Love Aflame Blog Tour

http://www.amazon.com/Love-Aflame-Pamela-Beckford-ebook/dp/B00SRRKADA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422398638&sr=8-1&keywords=Love+Aflame Pamela Beckford publishes her 3rd solo poetry collection. Using various poetic forms she illustrates how love can set the heart on fire but also shows how that same love can turn to ashes. Poetry is an expression from deep … Continue reading

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The Same Message as Last Year (You’ve Been Warned)

For anyone who joined my blog after Valentine’s Day last year, you’re probably going to be surprised by this one.  Mostly because of what it says, but a few might be annoyed that I never bothered to edit it.  So, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day: Message to the Lovers and Haters (Some Cursing)

(Controversial personal opinion ahead!  You’ve been warned!) I never really got into this holiday even when I got a girlfriend/wife.  Prior to the girlfriend/wife, I simply didn’t care. After the girlfriend/wife entered the scene, I realized something: I STILL didn’t … Continue reading

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