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7 Tips to Giving Your Heroes and Villains Exotic Pets

Let’s keep the subject going because maybe there’s more to this than we realize.  After all, a character can be defined by their friends and that includes pets.  Yet, you can’t just toss anything in on a whim.  Not unless … Continue reading

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Why Authors Should Read Reviews

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Good morning, everyone, PH with you here today, wishing you a wonderful day. I don’t know how many times something serendipitous happens with you and then you gain a better perspective or find a better…

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Puzzle Collection: Thomas Kinkade DC Superheroes

Last weekend, I finished the last puzzle of a set. I hope more are put out, but this is all they have now. These are DC Superheroes done by Thomas Kinkade Studios. They’re pretty challenging because you have a lot … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Concept of True Villains

I wanted to talk about true villains again.  Yet, I noticed I did it once . . . twice . . . kind of a third . . .  and I’m sure those aren’t the only ones.  I seem to … Continue reading

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The Building Blocks of Story: Scenes

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Ciao, SEers. Last time, we discussed Dwight Swain’s concepts of scenes and sequels. (If you missed that post, you can find it here.) Remember, a chapter’s scenes can be one of two things, a scene…

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Improving your Sleep Hygiene

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Sleep seems to be a recurring theme in my blog, probably because the wee one doesn’t let me get enough myself. I have already written about How Better Sleep Can Boost Your Writing, shared…

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Searching for McDoogal #newbook

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Let’s all welcome Mae Clair today. She’s one of my best author friends, and a co-founder over at Story Empire. Today she has a new book to tell us about, and it’s a short read.…

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