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Steven’s Store for Selling Stores: Not Great with the Names

Welcome to the Store Store!  What is it you’re looking for?  An explanation might be able to clear things up.  You see, we supply everything you need to make a store.  These are in high demand these days and our … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Doll Shoppe: Possession Only Upon Request

Welcome to our little corner of the marketplace!  I assure you that we carry only the highest quality supplies when it comes to making the perfect doll.  Yes, we have that joke about possession, but only because we know somebody … Continue reading

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Castle Contractors: We Don’t Charge By the Brick

Watch your head because people aren’t very careful with things like ladders, planks of wood, and anything else long that can hit a man when you’re turning around.  We like our comedy classic and simple around here. Now, what can … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for Retail Memories: When Customers Attack

This awesome cover is brought to you by the very talented Danielle Taylor! The publishing debut by Papi Z from The Literary Syndicate! Retail Memories: When Customers Attack is a highly fictionalized memoir of Papi Z’s retail years. Filled with … Continue reading

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