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White Noise vs Ambient/Pink Noise

I stumbled into this topic because I saw an ad talking about ‘green noise’.  I’d heard of white noise, but not green.  I went looking and that’s when I discovered ‘pink noise’.  I then found ‘blue noise’ and ‘brown noise’.  … Continue reading

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Life of Noise

A life of peace Only in my dreams Constant talking Regardless of my mind Yelling from afar Barging into rooms mid-chat There is no escape Never a time For me to hear my thoughts And ease my levels down Drums … Continue reading

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A Week of Storms, Twitter, Vampires, and Invisible Anacondas

First, some good news and a promo.  I did an interview with Lisa Burton over at Entertaining Stories and it caused a really big jump in sales.  Biggest one I’ve seen in a little over a month.  To be fair, … Continue reading

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Ringing Silence

How can silence Be so deafening? As if plunging my ears Into an symphony of screams No words within the quiet Yet my hearing is stifled Could there still be voices That are no longer drowned? By the noises of … Continue reading

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Author Comforts: Music to Banish the Quiet

Many authors need quiet to get work done.  I’m not one of those.  I need some type of noise, but one that I can control.  I can mute my laptop whenever I need to focus more.  I can’t do that … Continue reading

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Every Sound

Like nails on a chalkboard Or glass shards Churning in a blender My ears bleed And my mind cries At the torrent of noise How do these creatures live? Surrounded by such clamor Slamming doors No inside voice Such an … Continue reading

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I Wish to Write a Poem

I wish to write a poem An act I rarely do Since life became a race My brain aches When I stretch for subject No clue on what to rhyme Not that I ever do So today I try to … Continue reading

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Silence, The Artist’s Best Friend?

As artists, I think we can all agree that silence can be a blessing.  Though, I’ve noticed that it depends on the person.  Some people need utter silence and solitude to get any work done.  Other people need some type … Continue reading

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Wishing for the Void

Bring me to the void Where noises cease to be Wrap me in a womb Made of silence and numbness Take my ears and eyes And dash them upon the ground Leave me with my thoughts As I listen to … Continue reading

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Ringing Ears

A dull sound On the fringe of sense Yet one you can’t ignore A phantom’s echo From booming bass Or screaming child Driving you mad As the seconds tick by (April 1st Entry of Ranting Papizilla’s poetry month challenge.)

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