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7 Tips to Using Flashbacks and Not Lose the Audience

Flashbacks are popular.  They’re also misused all the time because people think they can be dropped in whenever they want.  It’s like having a smooth ride and then throwing a cardboard box in the way.  Sure, you might run it … Continue reading

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Flashbacks: Fun with Timeline Tampering

I don’t use flashbacks because they never really worked for Third-Person Present tense writing.  At least in my mind.  If I’m showing what’s going on now then jumping into the past can make things confusing.  Of course, I have an … Continue reading

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Canon vs Head Canon

I’m not talking about the weapon, which is spelled CANNON.  This one is missing an ‘N’ and gets thrown about a lot.  What is it? Canon–  A list of works connected to an author, world, or character that are established … Continue reading

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