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War of Nytefall: Eulogy is on the Horizon

The piece are swiftly coming together for a December release of War of Nytefall: Eulogy.  This will be the final volume of the series, which means I will be retiring the Dawn Fangs.  Sort of.  The survivors could always turn up … Continue reading

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The Grand Finale

A long road has been written Through typos and twists You have seen it to the end Fingers worn and callused Pencils down to nubs The corpses of pens fill a drawer A cemetery you refuse to toss Keys on … Continue reading

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The Horror of the Rushed Ending

A few months ago, I finished reading ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’.  I remember hearing that there was something off about the ending.  Well, I have to agree even though I would recommend the series for any manga/anime fans.  It’s considered a … Continue reading

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The ‘End’ of Windemere

First, I apologize for the title.  I wrote it and it was too good to get rid of because that is what this is going to be about.  Yet, it’s not really a now thing.  Windemere will ‘end’ at some … Continue reading

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