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Last Week of Summer

As stated above, this was the last week of my summer break.  I’ll be putting a mask on and going back to work on Monday.  My son was nice enough to point out that this break wasn’t even 10 weeks … Continue reading

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End of an Era . . . Okay, Just the End of Spring Break

First rant: Why in all of reality did it get cold again?  It was warm and nice a week ago, but now it’s back to jeans and long-sleeved shirts.  Worst part is that the changes happen overnight, so you go … Continue reading

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Let’s Kick This Summer Break Off With a Roar

First, I’m already sweltering and haven’t even left the house yet.  Just want to through that out there.  Especially since this weekend is going to be busy.  You’ll get some pictures tomorrow or Tuesday if I can muster the energy. … Continue reading

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Animals of the Shattered States

For those who can’t watch the scene, it’s when Will Smith is hunting at the beginning of ‘I AM LEGEND’.  He finds a deer, stalks it, and a lion takes it out before he can shoot.  This scene has managed … Continue reading

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