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7 Tips to Co-Authoring Without Violence . . . Hopefully

If you thought it was difficult writing alongside the voices in your head then try it with someone in the same room.  You can’t ignore a co-author by making noises, watching television, drinking, or taking a nap.  Well, you can, … Continue reading

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Two Authors, One Book, and Possible Headaches

So, I was asked about co-authoring a book a while back.  If I thought it was a good idea or something that I would do in the future was the gist of it.  This isn’t as easy a question as … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Villain Team-Ups: Is It a Limited Tactic?

Villains teaming up is a classic twist to a series.  You have two established characters who don’t necessarily share a common enemy.  Yet, they work together for the same goal, which causes the heroes to do the same.  It happens … Continue reading

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