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Questions 3: Summoners and the Summoned

We’ll see how this goes.  I couldn’t think of another way to end this topic since it’s fairly simple until you get into specific details.  Let’s try to answer questions from both sides of the coin here. How would you … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using Summoned Characters

Summons can fall into two categories.  One is filled with beasts that follow orders and usually appear for a specific, temporary purpose.  They are summoned multiple times as they are needed.  The other category is where you would find characters … Continue reading

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The Tradition of Summoning Servants

In fantasy, it’s fairly common for servants to be summoned.  It could be for battle, healing, terrorizing, and the list keeps going.  You see it in books, cartoons, and video games with a countless number of systems.  The methods to … Continue reading

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Solution to the Summons Snag in Keys of Eden (Alliteration Fail!)

Quick recap of this idea:  Keys of Eden is going to be almost a child series with a few volumes of short stories.  I’m thinking 5 volumes with 3 having 10 and 2 having 11.  The reason for the cut is … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Spirit Animals

I’m using the term spirit animal, but I’m going to use another definition near the end to pull in another topic.  Now, a spirit animal is a beast that falls into one of the following categories: Physical animal that is … Continue reading

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