Solution to the Summons Snag in Keys of Eden (Alliteration Fail!)

Quick recap of this idea:  Keys of Eden is going to be almost a child series with a few volumes of short stories.  I’m thinking 5 volumes with 3 having 10 and 2 having 11.  The reason for the cut is that the story is about a prince and his female partner setting off to gather the 100 magic beasts (name to be made later) that one needs to save the throne from a creature that ousted the previous rulers.  Before anyone gets annoyed, I’m doing a recap and details will be later.  I think some people were agitated at the prince having a female partner even though they’re going to be on equal footing.  Anyway, I decided to make this easier by having the beasts come in pairs, which is also what had me come up with the duo protagonists instead of a single main one with supporting.  The probably I had was figuring out how to do the divide.  All I got was that I wanted to do it with a female/male pairing.  So, here’s what I came up with:

The Protagonists

The prince is going to be a young boy, so his family will have been run out of the capital for about a decade.  Might up it to a later teenager since there might be romantic elements between the main characters.  The female lead is going to be born from a warrior family, so she’s the tactical and muscle.  The prince is going to be a little spoiled, but more book smart.  Haven’t fully decided on if they’re going to start as friends, be former friends, or not like each other, but they will have a past.  She’s going to get pulled into this by a magical ritual that chooses his companion.  Weapon-wise, I was going to give her a mace and shield, but I don’t know if combat will happen a lot in this.  Maybe just a shield for defense.

The Magic Beasts

This is the real meat of the post.  The previous stuff just came to me as I was thinking about this.  I’m still going with the beasts coming in pairs, but I don’t think I’m going to assign a gender to most of them.  Part of the idea I have now is that these creatures symbolize the balance of the kingdom.  With the attack, everything was thrown out of balance, so they’re needed to fix that.  This is why they come in pairs and have almost opposing, yet matching abilities.  For example:  a pairing might connect to water with one having the ability to unleash a flood while the other creates a gentle stream or mist.  It’s a work in progress since I got a few aggressive questions about why these things had to be male/female pairings.  Seriously, that really seemed to be a sticking point.

The other issue was a theme for each of the 50 pairings and that’s where the balance of the kingdom comes into play.  These beasts are supposed to be connected to the health and stability of the land.  So, I’m going to figure out 50 pieces of nature.  This is harder than it sounds because being too general can close off other paths.  I can’t have an earth pairing and then another that is dirt because those are the same.  I can do desert, mountains, stones, and farmland for 8 creatures.  There can be some dark ones too like disease and love/hate.  It’s tough because 50 sounds like a lot, but then there are days when it doesn’t seem like enough.  This is going to take more flushing out and research.  I could even do a parent pairing based on major elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Life) and then connected ones.  This might be too restrictive though.  Best to keep relatively simple and open to mental wandering.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been pondering with this idea.  We’ll see what happens down the road.  Not sure which idea I’ll present next.  I know I said a long time ago, I’d do more with my superheroes on Sundays, but that idea is giving me trouble ago.  People are probably tired of hearing about that until I’m ready to move on.  We’ll see what happens in a week’s time.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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18 Responses to Solution to the Summons Snag in Keys of Eden (Alliteration Fail!)

  1. This sounds really cool! Honestly, why worry about people getting worked up? Turn to our own examples in nature and make some creatures both sexes and others sexless -that, alone, might make the pairings interesting. Oh! What if their pairings produced an offspring that resolved a rift in some cases?


    • I think what got to me is that it’s come out of nowhere recently. I’ll talk about a few characters then get messages complaining about a minor aspect. For example, having a clear idea of the male lead, but not the female lead. It was only because the idea was originally a solo adventure and I hadn’t figured out how to make it a duet, but people thought I wasn’t pay her enough attention. Not something I was ready for and I was leaving myself open.

      I was wondering about both and sexless ones. I’m starting to lean more towards making all of the creatures sexless to make things easier. That or not make it a focal point like with Pokemon. As far as offspring go, I don’t know if I want to throw that into the mix. Might make things too complicated when it’s supposed to be aimed at younger kids. One also has to wonder which of the main characters gets the extra creature.

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      • That *is* odd. I guess we’re just too worked up about feminism. …yet women love -what are those things called?- period romances…

        I pictured the offspring forging into the rift, not joining them à la Pokémon. You know: Earth and Water finally clasped hands in agreement, forming Nydriana, the laughing waterfall of Mt. Skyway. Nydriana vows to forever remind them of both Earth and Water, telling jokes and stories of each as she falls.

        I realize that’s purely elemental, but you get the idea.


      • I’ve noticed for a while that things go that way. I still remember getting complaints about having one of my female characters take a major beating in a fight. She’s a powerful caster who is also a brawler, so she’s going to get hit. Meanwhile, nobody really cared if I battered the males or had them severely tortured. Also found that strange.

        Now, I’m a little confused. Do you mean that they get some of the beasts by combining the others?

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      • Yeah. I mean that the two creatures they find might form ‘children’ that stay in an area and fix it.


      • Oh. I was thinking of them being connected to the whole kingdom instead of regional. This is going to take place on an island, so it’s not a huge area. I haven’t really decided on how the creatures are connected to nature and what the full effects of them being lost is going to be. Traversing a land that has gone haywire might be where I go, so the aspects will calm only when the heroes bond with the associated creatures.

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  2. syedak99 says:

    This sounds super interesting!! I’m definitely going to keep checking out. Your character as an early teen might work too where he doesn’t understand his complete feelings and making it about him learning to love and express more and more as the series goes on might make it a wonderful experience sort of a metaphor for growth. Good luck Charles.


    • Thanks. This is something that I’ll get to far down the line, but it’s fun to tinker with it. I usually have a non-core story that I work on between my big series, so this would fall into that category. Maybe a project for next summer if I have the time. I’m wondering about the learning about love thing. I’m leery about doing things in this one that takes away from the adventure aspect since it’s aimed at younger audiences. I also feel like most male characters have to learn to be more expressive, so I might go with him being the one more in tune with his emotions and the female lead will be the one that is more guarded.

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  3. This sounds really great. Don’t worry too much about pleasing people, since you’re always going to have someone who doesn’t like what you do anyhow.

    Also, bear in mind that children often like to read books with characters slightly older than themselves, so seriously consider the amount of romance you want before deciding on the ages of the characters. You can get away with some mild kissing and hand holding and such with characters only just in to their teens and the book aimed at middle grade readers, but more than that and you’ll want to be thinking slightly older characters and more of a young adult audience.


    • Thanks. I don’t put sex in my stories. The most I’ll do is heavy kissing and describe the lustful emotions, but then it’ll jump to long after. So, I’m not really worried about that. I wasn’t going to make it too big of an aspect of the story either. I wondered if an arranged marriage situation would negate that or even have it that they chose to do it as children. Kind of like an innocent pledge that they now have to take seriously.


  4. At least the pondering and formulating is an enjoyable process. Like you, I have ideas worked out years into my future and I think about them all the time.


  5. It’s fun seeing your ideas come together. One picky question is about your main character, the prince. His family was kicked out of the capital by a usurper, yet you say he might be spoiled. I guess I wonder who would spoil him, if his family is no longer in power. A related question is, has his family been able to live openly under the usurper, or do they have to hide? Because if there is another heir out there (the main character) you’d think the usurper would be looking to eliminate him.

    Just a couple of things to consider in building your background.


    • Had to check and see if I mentioned an actual usurper, which would have been a mistake. It isn’t going to be anything like that. The thing that runs them out of the capital isn’t going to be political or human from what I’m thinking. Leaning towards a beast or magical force that claims the capital as its nest. I think he could still be somewhat spoiled and pampered even without the finer things. It could come out as a sense of entitlement, especially if the citizens have been treating them like they’re still in charge.


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