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The City of Nytefall: Knew I Forgot Something

I have to be honest here. Back when I did my outlines and character designs, I never really put any initial thought to Nytefall.  To be fair, the series was originally called ‘Realm of the Night’ and was on Earth.  … Continue reading

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So, You Want to Write a Sequel?

It’s inevitable sometimes.  No, not a reboot.  I’m not talking about a remake either.  This is about the good old sequel.  A story that doesn’t completely finish in one shot needs closure or maybe people are still clamoring for more, … Continue reading

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7 Potentially Useful Tips for Spin-Offs: I Make No Promises

Even though we see so many, the spin-off is not something that should be entered into lightly.  There’s more than one story on the line and an author can break an entire world apart with a bad sequel.  So, here … Continue reading

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So, I’m Going to Write a Spin-Off

(I wrote this without remembering that I’d talked about this story over the years.  Keeping the hero a secret was already a lost cause.  I could rewrite the post, but I’m finding it kind of funny that I totally forgot … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Prequels and Not Hurting the Originals

As I said, prequels are a risky endeavor because you can easily slip up and make a mess of both series.  Continuity becomes very fragile since you’re basically traveling back in time and we all know how often that turns … Continue reading

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A Second Series That Comes Before the First: Dreaded Prequels

One could say that War of Nytefall is a loose prequel to Legends of Windemere.  It’s pretty easy to say since it’s true.  They take place in the same world with the same races, magic system, and many shared cities.  There may … Continue reading

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