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So, You Want to Write a Sequel?

It’s inevitable sometimes.  No, not a reboot.  I’m not talking about a remake either.  This is about the good old sequel.  A story that doesn’t completely finish in one shot needs closure or maybe people are still clamoring for more, … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Prequels and Not Hurting the Originals

As I said, prequels are a risky endeavor because you can easily slip up and make a mess of both series.  Continuity becomes very fragile since you’re basically traveling back in time and we all know how often that turns … Continue reading

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The Infamous Time Jump

Well, I believe I survived my first day without a blog post.  I’m writing this on December 12th 2014, so who knows.  Anyway, I’m going to cover a writing tool that gets used in series and I’m just learning how … Continue reading

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