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Happy ‘Tell a Fairy Tale’ Day with Sari

So, I saw it was ‘Tell a Fairy Tale Day’ and wanted to do something.  My first thought was to do a bunch of memes.  I was also going to maybe promote an old experiment of mine called The Hopeteller.  That … Continue reading

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The Cunning Gypsy (Part 2 of a Fairy Tale)

The griffin landed outside of the forest and bowed to the gypsy before returning to the sky.  The Queen and the Princess watched it fly away, wondering why the griffin could not take them further. “She has babies to tend … Continue reading

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The Cunning Gypsy (Part 1 of a Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time there was a noble Queen and a young Princess. They lived peacefully in the kingdom of Shayde until an evil King took the throne.  He was kind and fair at first, allowing them to live in … Continue reading

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