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Planning Far Ahead: October Blog Posts

Surprisingly, I might look like someone with a plan.  Mostly because I see that things aren’t going as planned.  With the way my son’s summer school goes, I don’t have enough time and privacy to get any book writing done.  … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Your Blogging Journey

I tried to do another Ye Olde Shoppe skit, but it wasn’t working.  Fearing that the well has gone dry on those topics.  At least for a while since you need something you can give a lot of options for.  … Continue reading

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Looking Back at October

This comic will probably show up again before the end of the year.  Anyway, I was going to do another ‘Monster Maker’ post, but it felt weird doing it after Halloween.  Hope everyone had a fun one.  Mine was mild … Continue reading

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Writing for Books vs Writing for a Blog Story

Now, I’ve written novels, short stories, and been running a few serial stories through my blog.  The most recent one is Derailing Bedlam, but there was also the Raven Series that I did for the last 4 Octobers.  Will these ever be … Continue reading

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A Quandary of Blogging

So, this is almost a filler post, but I’m fairly confused.  Mostly because I got notifications throughout the week from WordPress.  Apparently, I’ve posted once a day for the last 807 days and that’s a daily milestone that I get.  … Continue reading

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WordPress: Yell Into the Echoing Void

First of all, I do how one beef with a WordPress change.  Where in the world is the Underline toggle?  I see Italics and Bold.  No sign of underlining, which is a fairly common practice.  I have to use Ctrl-U … Continue reading

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Question About the Future (Posts)

Have your attention? So, I’m working on future posts instead of writing.  The tooth thing is making it hard to concentrate. Now, I’m looking at December and wondering what I can do to close out the year on Tuesdays.  The … Continue reading

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Retiring a Post Type & Starting the Volunteer Request

So, Questions 3 is no more.  Nobody really responds to it and asking about it in a previous post didn’t really make me think it was worth keeping.  I might bring it back from time to time if I come … Continue reading

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Returning to the Pen: My First Week Back to Legends of Windemere

First of all, let me direct you to all of the guest posts I’ve had this week: John W. Howell- Maintaining a Character’s Core in a Series Leigh Michaels- Writing a Lengthy Series Oloriel Moonshadow- Mentally Maintaining a Vivid Fantasy … Continue reading

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