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Early Christmas Greetings and Well Wishes

I didn’t really plan this whole thing out.  Tomorrow has some funny character stuff for Christmas, but then I set up a Teaser Tuesday as if it’s a normal day.  So, I’m going to do some Christmas stuff now.  Yeah … Continue reading

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Happy Final Day of Hanukkah . . . Chanukah . . . I Can’t Even Spell My Own Holiday

Figure I’d just post some funny pictures related to Hanukkah.  Enjoy!

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Cold Weather Memes: In Honor of the Temp Dropping

All taken from a Yahoo Image Search.  Enjoy.

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Guest Post: Is Animal Heaven Broken by Tim Willow

(Say hello to Tim Willow and check out his blog.  Link after this fun post.) When things get bad for me, I pray to God. When things get really bad I drink vodka martinis. On this day I felt close … Continue reading

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Paul’s Pizza Platter Plateau: The Soda Machine Is Working Now

Welcome to the Pizza Platter Plateau.  Hope the climb wasn’t too rough since we’ve had a few bandit issues lately.  They only take enough for a large pie and that’s if they can’t dumpster dive.  We had a security guard, … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Where Do You Go for a Laugh?

I always enjoy putting comedy into my books.  The categories tend to be sight gags, attempts at wit, and slapstick.  At least those are the ones I can recognize since I’m not an expert on comedy.  I like to laugh … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Bait Shoppe: More than Worms

So, what are you hunting or fishing for today?  No problem if you haven’t decided since we have bundles for the undecided.  A little from column A and a little from column B will get you pretty far.  Just follow … Continue reading

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Writing Tracking Scenes: Happens More Often than One Expects

We’ve all been there.  Stalking an enemy until we find the perfect chance to strike or discover their hideout.  Then the author falls asleep or gets bored and throws the entire scene into chaos. Having one character follow another can … Continue reading

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The Lifting Lab: Airships to Order

Welcome to . . . what do you mean this is unprecedented?  Look, I’m really busy here since airships are a new technology.  Half of what we make even lasts a month before crashing, bursting into flames, or not working. … Continue reading

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Angry Hero Anonymous Meeting: Now With Glow in the Dark Nametags

Timoran Wrath– “I guess we are supposed to talk about our tempers.  Not really sure why I am here since I have control over mine.” Lloyd Tenay–  “Same here.  The kid can be a bit of a rager though.” Cassidy- … Continue reading

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