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Creepy Animals for Halloween

Since Halloween is tomorrow, I figured it would be best to put up some pictures of really creepy creatures.  I tried to get a variety, but seems most of the ones I found were aquatic and/or insectoid.  Had to really … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween: Classic Videos

Just like every other year, I feel like these need to be on there.  Yeah, I’m not being very original today, but I have a child to take out for candy.  With him a peanut and tree nut allergy, I … Continue reading

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Night of the Ghost Dance

Starry skies are set abuzz Killing all but a lonely echo Evil rises in moonlight dim Leaving their shadowy tomb Ears of vapor listen for the concert To tell them when to dance Once it starts, the dance is endless … Continue reading

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On This Hallowed Night (April Poetry Challenge)

Howling winds Across the barren roads Pulsing candlelight Pouring from disfigured gourds Yellow moon rising High above the shadows And coating trees in light Leaping cats dart around Loosing hisses through the night Only to vanish with no trace When … Continue reading

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