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The Living Fossil: Tapirs

I’ve been wanting to do a post for this animal for a long time.  We have the Malayan Tapir at the Bronx Zoo and they’re relaxing to watch.  It’s such a fascinating creature because it looks so unique.  So, what … Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Deer: The Moose

In America, we call this animal a moose.  I learned that in Eurasia, it’s called an elk.  We use that word for another member of the deer family, which is also called a wapiti.  This is done to clarify a … Continue reading

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Creepy Animals for Halloween

Since Halloween is tomorrow, I figured it would be best to put up some pictures of really creepy creatures.  I tried to get a variety, but seems most of the ones I found were aquatic and/or insectoid.  Had to really … Continue reading

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In Madagascar, there is a type of animal called a Tenrec.  There are different types due to how they have evolved.  I believe they are rodents and there 29 species with most of them being on or around Madagascar.  So, … Continue reading

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