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This May Be Shorter than Usual

Warning:  The video above has a lot of cursing and a few strobes effects.  Still, I find it funny and the radio keeps playing the safe version.  Besides . . . This week was bad. You know, I keep saying … Continue reading

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Goal . . . Eh, I’m Not Feeling It Today

To be honest, I don’t wanna do this.  I would normally talk about how my week went and then a bit about what’s coming up.  But . . . This week sucked . . . hard . . . like … Continue reading

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A Week Alone in the House: The Universe Hates Me

My goals from last week that were for the year have taken a hit.  Progress being slow would have been a step up from this.  Let’s just get into the day-by-day disasters: Monday Living near Hofstra, the debate had a … Continue reading

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One Day I’ll Make These Posts about Goals . . . Not Today

Okay, I understand I’ve been turning this into a weekly rant.  This is really the only place I put aside for life stuff, so crap tends to come out.  This week isn’t any different and I’m going to be trying … Continue reading

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My Weekly Goal Post: A Quick Analysis

Yup.  That covers this week pretty well.  Including me not wanting to talk about it after the fact.  A longer post about something on my mind goes up tomorrow.

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Rambling Sunday: Angry Black Sheep Syndrome

It’s been a rough week and I’m having trouble keeping the negativity inside or finding a ‘proper’ way to release it.  I think the last straw is that I’m working on my parents’ computer while printing out my fourth book … Continue reading

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