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That Awkward Feeling of Done

Well . . . Legends of Windemere: Curse of the Dark Wind is done.  At least the first draft.  I focus on outlining, reading, resting, and everything else until . . . I don’t know.  I’m unsure if I should … Continue reading

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The Mood

Original posted on The Community Storyboard.  Check it out and submit your writing. Is it the weather? That sinks me into gloom. Head aching Against the stormy sky Making me feel lone Is it those I meet? Too happy for … Continue reading

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Writing & Mood

I had planned to write about battles or a humorous post about how to become a published author.  Though, I still remember writing something like that second one before.  Might have been on writing process.  Here we have the problem … Continue reading

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Sudden Melancholy & Food Shopping

This has been happening to me a lot lately.  Having fun throughout the day and enjoying my time.  Then, I just drop in terms of mood.  Not angry or upset, but a sudden strike of emotional blah.  Like I lose … Continue reading

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Little One Left Behind

Sitting at the table Handing out my wares And meeting with old friends The trip is more business Than pleasure While I hold a happy smile Hiding the tinge of melancholy Remembering grubby fingers And childish laughter From the son … Continue reading

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