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Worn to a Nub?

Pushed too hard Body acting odd Screaming of the cold Shivers and chatters Under layers Passing overnight Leaving me fatigued Worn to a tiny nub By late nights And unnecessary stress To get the big work done Impatience growing high … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned Today

Wandering away for 5 hours of daylight means my Reader is going to be an epic trial to read through.  I’ll do my best. I really should have bought some back-up jewel cases. While I’m treating them like soap bubbles, … Continue reading

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Friday Brain Mush

My brain is shot.  I slept well, but this week has just left me in a daze.  I need to muster up the energy for an Easter adventure this afternoon with the toddler.  I also need to investigate making bookmarks.  … Continue reading

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