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7 Tips to Creating Monsters

Let’s be clear.  There really aren’t many solid rules to monster making.  At least when it comes to fiction.  In reality, you have to struggle with the ethics of creating a monster and hope it doesn’t kill you when it … Continue reading

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Monster Make 2017: Foundations Needed (Also, a Windemere Monster Poll)

Well, people wanted it, so Monster Maker is going to be returning in October.  I’m thinking having it every Wednesday and using Monday to come up with something that promotes Path of the Traitors.  Friday will connect to the poll below. … Continue reading

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Return of Monster Maker Fun!

Back in April, I did something that I called the ‘Monster Maker Fun’.  I asked people to give a list of nonsense words and I turned them into monsters, items, and fictional rituals for a week. Here’s an example that … Continue reading

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Curse of the Artist?

Yesterday’s poem ‘All Mine’ got me thinking about the superpower of the artist. I’m talking about imagination, creativity, or whatever else you want to call it. This is the ability that an artist has to pull something out of the … Continue reading

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