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The Titles of Charles E. Yallowitz: Very Few Survived the First Round

I can’t think of many titles in my series that made it through to the end.  Even when it comes to the series titles, things got changed along the way.  Legends of Windemere, War of Nytefall, Ichabod Brooks, Quest of the Brokenhearted, and . … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Making Book Titles that Might Possibly Work

I’m going to get into my own book title adventure on Friday, but I’m sure most authors can relate.  You come up with a title at the start, change it halfway through, and then cycle through more until you land … Continue reading

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Book Titles and Theme Week (Feedback Welcome)

The title of your book is very important and it gets more difficult in a series.  Do you pick a theme?  Do you mention the title of the next book at the end of the previous book?  Well, it does … Continue reading

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