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Why So Angry, Hero?

I like writing angry characters.  Something about having a hero unleash their rage makes me put a lot more into a scene.  Yeah, I’m probably angry a lot myself, which is why I connect to this emotion more than others. … Continue reading

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Society of Oddities

An arm flap and a toe walk Signs of wrong Because someone said so Labels hurled At a child acting like a child Tears and screams Tantrums prove he isn’t right As if he’s the only one Fuck . . … Continue reading

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Rant: I’m Not Superman

Heck, I’m not even Jarvis and I’m talking human butler Jarvis of the Avengers.  Not cyber-Jarvis voiced by Paul Bethanny in the Iron Man movies. This week was supposed to be a week of progress.  My parents were out and … Continue reading

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Need a New Week; Story Behind the Panic

I’m going to be pissy and irritable for the rest of this week.  I seem to always have a week where nothing goes right and it tends to be proportionate to the amount of people in the house.  As much … Continue reading

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