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What is an Isekai?

The graphic pretty much does the job.  Isekai is the term used when we’re talking about anime and manga.  Yet, this isn’t exclusive to those genres.  In fact, the concept of a person from one world being transported to another … Continue reading

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Superhero Switch: Back to the White Whale Idea

Well, I know most people are out and about for this weekend, but I’m back to scratching my head on this one.  I have a project(s) that I call my ‘White Whale’ series.  These are my superhero stories that are … Continue reading

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And the Mob Screams, “Simpsons Did It!” (Is Originality Possible?)

Now that you’ve decided to be an author, I’m sure you have a marvelous idea.  Can I hear it?  Oh, like Twilight.  Not like Twilight?  Explain more.  So, it’s like Harry Potter?  Don’t give me attitude.  Oh, like Romance of … Continue reading

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So You Want to Write Fantasy (A Pessimistic Approach?)

So you want to write fantasy.  Well, let me load you up on everything you need to get yourself started.  Have some elves, dragons, dwarves, gnomes, magic, warriors, spellcasters, medieval weaponry, orcs, trolls, griffins, political intrigue, religious intrigue, thieves, and … Continue reading

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