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Hero Motivation vs Villain Motivation

I was asked a few months back to write about the motivations of heroes and villains.  This was the be done separately, but I found the topics overlapping.  That and I thought it would work better as a comparison.  After … Continue reading

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Silent/Limited Vocabulary Hero

Last week I did some poetry about various hero types that connected to Superman and still had a few more heroes that came to mind.  They didn’t fit into his history, so I’m going to discuss them over the course … Continue reading

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Serial Killer Protagonists

Mohamed at Dawn of Thoughts mentioned something a while back that got me thinking. He brought up how serial killers are being shown as protagonists, which can glorify their actions in some ways.  Dexter is a big one where the … Continue reading

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What Do You Think of Switching Heroes in a Series?

For those that don’t know the story behind Raiden: There is a popular video game series called Metal Gear Solid.  My friend is big into this series, so he knows more than me.  I do know that the main character … Continue reading

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Trick of the Eyes

I’ve been working on a story and character for a while now, but there’s something different about her.  Freya Arvanti is a half-elven warrior with a magic spear that was used by her deceased father.  Her town is turned to … Continue reading

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Family of the Tri-Rune Up-Date

So, I have less that 200 pages left to type in the hand-written edits and I’m realizing something.  I don’t give Sari nearly enough credit.  I always thought of her as the weakest of the champions, but she’s proving to … Continue reading

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The Night Ones Legacy by Gwen Bristol (New Cover

Gwen Bristol has released a new cover for her novel, The Night Ones Legacy.  It is an amazing fantasy adventure with a perfectly written child protagonist.  I’m serious.  Unlike many child heroes, you never doubt the age of Lily.  For … Continue reading

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Child Protagonists: Parenting at its Best

There are several types of protagonists that one can choose from.  You have true blue heroes, anti-heroes, resistant heroes, silent heroes, and so many others that have their own strengths and flaws.  One of the most difficult heroes, in my … Continue reading

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