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Is Reading Still Popular?

Anybody remember the phrase ‘Reading is Fundamental’?  First, I didn’t realize it was a nonprofit child literacy organization founded in 1966.  Thought it was saying used in Public Service Announcements.  In fact, I used to think it was connected to … Continue reading

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Tools of the Telling Trade: Zodiac Signs

Most people have seen or at least heard of horoscopes, which use astrological signs going either by the month or the year.  I posts the only picture I could find that had the two side by side, but I just … Continue reading

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What Is A Successful Author?

Back in a post, Shawn from Down Home Thoughts had the following comment: “So is an author a successful writer? You might play off the shades of meaning between the two. I tend to see authors as published and successful … Continue reading

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Calling All Artists! Calling All Artists!

Do I have your attention? I’m writing to let all authors, poets, musicians, painters, and any artist types that I forgot! The Community Storyboard is a new and exciting blog where you can submit your work and have it showcased.  … Continue reading

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Writing for You by Victoria Grefer

Another July debut is this non-fiction book by Victoria Grefer.  Writing for You is available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. The Kindle version is on sale for the first week at $2.99. As a writer’s handbook, “Writing for You” … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Victoria Grefer (Nonfiction vs Fiction Writing)

Today’s Guest Blogger is the phenomenal Victoria Grefer from Creative Writing with the Crimson League.  Her site is an excellent source of insight and information about the art of writing.  She has published a fiction novel and is currently working … Continue reading

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