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Dudley’s Desk Depot: Free Pen with Every Purchase (Wet Ink Not Guaranteed)

Welcome and what do you want?  A desk?  Sure, we have those as you can tell by the name up there.  I’m not Dudley.  My name is Dale, but I didn’t want people making dancer or chipmunk jokes.  So, do … Continue reading

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Gyah! Where Did My Cursor Go?

Seriously, I hit one button on my laptop and my cursor shot off to the right like it remembered that it left the stove on . . . for the last week.  It’s back now, but I don’t trust the … Continue reading

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A Week That Lasted a Year

I want to be positive here.  I really do, but this was a rough week.  The personal issues are still pounding away at my time and emotions.  I’m staying as strong as I can, but I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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A Desk to Call My Own

I’ve seen a lot of writer’s show pictures of their writer’s desk/room/den/realm and give a small tour.  I had considered doing this, but my digital camera died and the picture wouldn’t be very interesting.  In fact, above is the best … Continue reading

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