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Candy’s Clothing Emporium: All Garments Are Enchanted

Welcome to our little corner of the shopping world.  Okay, it’s a thirty story tower with a large neon sign at the top.  I assure you that it isn’t a problem for planes because they always see it.  Now, we … Continue reading

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Mack’s Haunted Haberdashery

Welcome, potential customers!  My name is Bartholomew and I will be helping you today with your purchases.  All of our . . . I’m sorry, but Mack is far too busy to handle the day-to-day operations.  Somebody needs to keep … Continue reading

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Clothing Can Make the Hero and World

Clothing is very important to some authors and essential in various genres.  I’m really bad with clothing.  So, I’m probably not even close to an authority on this.  The picture above is what you normally think of for fantasy, which … Continue reading

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Invention of the Tie

A failure at the noose Tool of his chosen trade His victims always lived To meet a better knotsman   He pondered every night Ignorant of his mistakes Believing himself a genius And the masses merely fools   They did … Continue reading

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