Candy’s Clothing Emporium: All Garments Are Enchanted

Legend of Zelda tunic

Welcome to our little corner of the shopping world.  Okay, it’s a thirty story tower with a large neon sign at the top.  I assure you that it isn’t a problem for planes because they always see it.  Now, we have . . . Yes, I’m Candy.  My mother happened to love candy and everyone I know says that I’m sweet.  Don’t judge me for being six feet tall and built like a bodybuilder.  Where were we?  Ah, we were about to discuss your unique, one-of-a-kind outfit.  Let’s start from the inside and work our way out.

Magical underwear isn’t something people like to talk about, but you need them to complete the ensemble.  Of course, we don’t put any offensive magic there because you don’t want an accident.  Defense is the better way to go, but others put some sensory magic on there.  Not the kind you just thought.  Aside from small force fields and elemental protection, you can have these garments sense movements or create a radar-like area around yourself.  All of the spells are constantly on as long as you’re wearing them, so no activation words are required.  We currently have a sale on enchanted thongs, which haven’t been selling as well as we’d like.  Those we do sell tend to have a warmth enchantment.

Socks are not included in the above category because you can do a little more with them.  It isn’t really more than speed and agility enhancements, but people can be unique with some requests.  Last year, we created socks that left an icy path on the ground to stop pursuers.  It’s going to be a holiday special in a few weeks.  Now, you have to factor in shoes as well for this stage.  You don’t want to have a sock spell that destroys your shoes because then you can lose your feet.  We recommend getting one of our combo deals and make sure the enchantments work together.  For example, the person who made the icy socks had them with spectral shoes that allowed him to make parts of his feet incorporeal.  It helped that he had prehensile toes, so this might not work for you.

Accessories like belts, ties, and scarves are minor, so we’ll talk about this in the back.  Let’s move on to the pants.  As you will see with the shirts, the list is very long.  Physical enhancements, elemental charges, transformation, defense, and whatever else you think can work for your legs.  Flight and levitation are possible and two of our biggest sellers.  I believe we have a fresh delivery of animal limb spells too.  These would fall under transformation and are quite simple.  You can turn your lower half into that of an animal such as a dolphin or a cheetah.  They have the abilities of that animal, which are altered to accommodate the human form.  For example, you could run as fast as a cheetah even though you lack the rest of their physical attributes.  Another option for pants are dimensional stepping.  We used to put these on shoes, but the spells wouldn’t always take the entire body because of the smaller objects.  With pants, all of you can simply step through a gateway and go wherever you want.  There is a liability form to fill out for this product.

Shirts are probably the most versatile because you can cast just about anything on them.  I have multi-limbs, stone armor, spike defense, and about thirty tomes worth of selections we’ve created over the years.  Discounts are currently on short-sleeved tops because they’re out of season.  Keep in mind that some spells on work on the covered parts of the body, so you would need to be careful with your arms.  I see you noticed our special dress shirt package.  Every button holds a different minor spell, but the emphasis is on minor here.  You can’t put anything very powerful into such a small objects, so people do this more to be fun at parties.  For example, one button might grant temporary ventriloquism while another can emit a light strobe.  Magicians love these for obvious reasons.

So, what do you want?  Yes, I know it’s a lot to decide on.  How about we show you more with a fashion show?  Just sit right there and I’ll be back down the runway.  Oh, you thought an attractive woman would do it?  Well, that’s just rude.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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33 Responses to Candy’s Clothing Emporium: All Garments Are Enchanted

  1. noelleg44 says:

    Sounds like just the store for me – tall with huge feet!


  2. L. Marie says:

    I love these shoppes!

    How are you with capes/cloaks? Looking for something beyond the usual invisibility wear. I mean I want to the invisibility factor. But I need something with a force field as well so that I don’t have to fend off people who can’t see me and might run into me. And is there a guarantee that sunlight won’t still cause me to have some kind of shadow?

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    • We can make that and sunlight won’t be an issue. Yet, the force field will reveal your presence in some fashion. Hard ignore getting moved against your will. Intangibility might be a better choice.

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      • L. Marie says:

        I’ll take whatever I can get. Just as long as I can keep moving without anyone bumping into me. And of course this is not for an illegal purpose. This is totally legit. And no those are not law enforcement officers behind me. You’re seeing things. Now when can I expect the cloak?

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      • Once the background check clears. I assure you that it’s in the contract. Not like this has happened before and we’ve lost reputation over it.

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  3. Lisa is all worked up now. She wants to know if she can get some of that cute fantasy armor girls wear, but still get actual protection out of it.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Forget Amazon or Walmart – Shop here instead 😃

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  5. I was interested in some outerwear that looked normal but could conceal several weapons. I’m thinking along the lines of a black trench coat with enough space for a broad sword, mace, and a half dozen throwing stars. Do you have anything like that? Oh, and it has to have room for my cooler too. I always pack a lunch.

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  6. Oh… sorry, I thought this place sold clothes made from candy, my mistake… still, I might be able to use a few things.
    My name’s Rick, I’m looking for shoes that are flame proof and act as a guidance system if, say, I were to use it with a jetpack, not that I’m some kind of super hero or anything, I’m just thinking ahead.
    I’d also like a nice jacket that can hold up to a blow by a battle axe swung by an angry Viking… no, I don’t have a time machine, I’m just being cautious.
    What about some cuff links that project sparkles of light strong enough to dazzle an attacking enemy, say like a mad scientist?
    How about a belt that becomes a pair of nunchucks? Or a tie that doubles as a windsock? Or… dare I even ask? A self cleaning handkerchief?

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    • You would want the place down the block, but they’re only open during the winter. Summer heat and candy clothes don’t really mix.

      We have a lot of that including a cape that can transform into a jetpack. Just in case you wanted something to go with the shoes. Guidance system might be iffy on the feet though unless you want them to steer on their own. Not sure what a windsock will accomplish, but that’s not really my thing. Let’s see . . . the nunchucks belt is more tech than magic, but we can special order it. The trick is to have there be a part that remains as a belt to prevent your pants from falling down in battle. Doesn’t matter how cool you are, that’s embarrassing. We have a variety of self-cleaning handkerchiefs including one that stores the mucus for an emergency attack.

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      • Great! I’ll check out the place down the block later, but first I’ll place an order with you.

        I’ll take one of those capes that transform into a jetpack, do you have it in blue with racing flames?
        Maybe the shoes can be made to home in on a place of my choosing to direct the jetpack there?
        Wouldn’t it be magic for the pants to stay up when the belt is removed? Can I get the nunchucks enchanted too?
        I’ll take one of each handkerchief, you can never have too many, what with colds and allergies.
        Say, do you have a bowler hat with eyes that can hypnotize someone? Or a blue felt fedora that always returns to Haiti?

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      • Yes, but we need to know if the flames will be on the lining or inside. Shoes will work. There is a problem with the enchanted pants that stay up, but we can supply diapers for that if you insist. I mean, you do need to remove the belt for that too. Just let us know what the nunchucks should do and we’ll see what we can provide. We can do what we can with the hats. That specialist is off for the week due to an accident involving a beret and 300 chinchillas.

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      • I don’t really care where the flames are unless I’m using the jetpack, then I want them on the outside.
        I’d just like my pants to stay up while I’m using the nunchucks, do I just need to use two belts? Or can you enchant some suspenders? I have no problem with using suspenders and a belt if I have to.
        I’d like the nunchucks to either knock the target out with a near miss, or to freeze them in a block of ice… say, can I get a second enchantment on them to help cool down a glass of lemonade after a battle? Or could you do so,etching like that with a tie? I don’t really care for ties too much, but I guess a bow tie or a Bolo tie would be okay.
        I’m in no hurry for my hat, just let your specialist heal up and see what he can do when he gets back… wish I had known chinchillas were an option.


      • We could do suspenders or you can use regular ones. The combo would make more sense than two belts.

        Cooling a glass of lemonade sounds like a glove thing. Dipping a tie into your drink might get messy. With the nunchucks, the second option is easier. Problem with the first is that you want a TKO without touching. You can do injury or stun, but knocking out with a miss is considered cheating by the controllers of reality. Part of it is because we don’t know what would count as a near miss.

        Chinchillas aren’t available at this time. Not until their union finishes talks.

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      • I’ll take a pair of suspenders with my magic belt then, do you have any on sale?

        I guess you’re right about a glove being better to cool lemonade with, can you do that with one glove and do a matching one that can heat a drink instead? That way I’m set for summer or winter with reheating hot chocolate.
        What about just adding a shockwave to the nunchucks? Is that allowed? If not, what about every attack summoning a burst of lightning?

        You can’t get piranhas either, can you?


      • Sorry. No sales on suspenders since they aren’t a common purchase. That also means they aren’t that expensive to begin with.

        Hot and cold gloves are easy to do. It’s recommended that you keep the power in the palm instead of having it branch out to the fingers. Imagine scratching sign one of those on. It would cure someone of nose picking though.

        Shockwaves and lightning are doable. Those are fairly basic battle enchantments, but they’re rather versatile if you think carefully.

        We don’t have a license for piranhas. Sorry.


  7. V.M.Sang says:

    Oh! I want a complete outfit. Shoes that run fast, socks that drip grease, any of your underwear, a slirt that will fly, shirt to deflect offensive magic and a cloak that produces a bubble of summer weather around me, including the sun.
    Not too much to ask, is it?

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  8. Love this! I once had supervillain in Champions who wore a huge, gaudy necklace. She could pull off every bead to create a different attack.

    Considering the scanty “armor” they keep putting our lady adventurers in, I can definitely see the underwear adding warmth spells or some sort of force field that protected the belly.


    • I like necklace idea. Gives a reason for it being gaudy and huge. As far as the armor issue, I have to admit that I don’t see it as often as I used to. I think the older stuff was based more on the fantasy art like Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Now, you see more real armors or at least more covered.


  9. Thanks for the entertainment! Loved this post, would love to visit your store. Do you allow walk-ins?


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