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Tomorrow’s Character Chat Cancelled

I know I said I’d do an update for my idea and here it is.  It won’t happen because I feel like . . . I don’t know.  Imagine every type of pain consolidated in your lower back.  Bad enough … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Do’s and Dont’s of Indie Authoring by Ionia Martin

This week’s guest blog is brought to us by the delightful, funny, and hard-working Ionia Martin of Readful Things.  She also is the mastermind behind The Community Storyboard where writers and readers from all walks of life can gather for … Continue reading

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Prodigy of Rainbow Tower Sneak Peek: Genocide

My special sneak peek of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower on Community Storyboards. Hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Whacky Idea

If you haven’t guessed, I like having my characters talk and get into public debates.  It happens in the comments of every ‘Ask a Character’.  So, I wanted to make a post like this with the entire mental circus debating … Continue reading

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Originally posted on mishaburnett:
It’s hard to be value neutral about popularity, but I think it’s important for anyone with a product to sell to be able to set aside ego and look honestly at our markets. Sure, we can…

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Warning: Possible Epicness Tomorrow

Thursday is where I post a ‘Sneak Peek’ from one of my finished books.  Well, tomorrow is going to be a special treat.  You see, there is a great chance that the cover art for Prodigy of Rainbow Tower will … Continue reading

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A unique style of poetry By TJ Therien called Timber.

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Origins: Phi Beta Files

A little back story here.  In freshman year of college, a few friends make a fake fraternity because they wanted to be in one, but were too lazy to pledge.  It was called Phi Beta and the only reason I … Continue reading

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Sister Evelyn!

Sister Evelyn is now out. You can either go to the Sister Evelyn tab or download the .pdf here. Sister Evelyn’s story will introduce you to the world of When Stars Die, but keep in mind this is not necessarily…

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What Keeps Selenia Hamilton Going

I think I’m going to keep up with a few minor characters and villains on this new type of post.  We all know what drives the main cast, but the supporting cast is always a mystery to the reader. So, … Continue reading

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