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Can a Tower Princess Be Strong?

Another big trope that has been loathed by many is the ‘Tower Princess’. While not always involving a tower, this is a female character who has been locked up.  She is the prize for the male hero after he finishes … Continue reading

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Gods of Windemere: Powerful or Powerless

In Legends of Windemere, people are introduced to the gods and the only law that they are guided by.  This is called the Law of Influence and was created by Zaria along with a council of other gods.  It states that … Continue reading

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The Helpless Hero

On Monday, I mentioned there was a repeated complaint about Luke Callindor being weak.  This stems from people thinking it’s entirely his story when it’s really an ensemble cast.  He isn’t as strong as Timoran, as smart as Delvin, as … Continue reading

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A Hero Who Cries

This week I’m going to be discussing various themes and emotions that are within the next book Legends of Windemere: Curse of the Dark Wind.  As The Compass Key proved, delays seem to happen and I’d rather be clean than … Continue reading

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The Need for Calming Things

I sit and await the storm Inevitable and dark Born of secrets Fueled by rage Aimed at weakness That is recently exposed I search for calm A form to earn my focus To still the fear and fury That scramble … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned once or twice that I don’t like perfect characters.  I love flaws in my characters and I love flaws in other characters.  It makes them more realistic and the reader can relate to them more.  Still, I do … Continue reading

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