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Poem for the Stars

Sparkles in ink Perhaps ever changing Though we will never see How many have ceased? And we still receive their glow Carving pictures To tell our tales Or using them to guide Helpful to our people Evoking dreams And calm … Continue reading

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Poem for the Moon

Trying to light our path In the midst of darkness A glowing orb That casts shadows And dreams Taking several forms As it circles our lives Even vanishing Though we know It shall return To play games with those Who … Continue reading

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Poem for the Sun

A blazing ball That would kill us If we dared approached Scorching worlds Or leaving them to freeze Yet we get its gift Heat to stop the chill Light to see our path It ebbs and flows Beating down on … Continue reading

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Powers of the Windemere Sky: Fantastic Fliers

This is a fairly new force on Windemere and one that hasn’t really set itself up as a military factor.  In The Merchant of Nevra Coil, the champions go to the gnomish capital that has recently been turned into a flying … Continue reading

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Famished Tear

(Not sure what caused this poem, but I think a strange dream a couple years ago.  That’s the fun of going through the old folders.  Mysteries abound.) It starts with an explosion From both sides of our world And a … Continue reading

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