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Questions 3: The Power Up for You!

This might be more difficult than I assume.  Being someone who has played video games since childhood, I’m used to temporary Power Ups.  Others might not be so quick to think up anything.  So, take your time if you want … Continue reading

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The Fun of Temporary Magic Items

When it comes to fantasy, people think a lot about magical items.  Rings, armor, swords, and all of these enchanted objects come to mind.  I hear them get mentioned more often than another category: Temporary Magic Items.  I also like … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Magic Soup Shop!

As the sign said, welcome to the soup shop.  I’m Stanley and everything you see on the menu is my own design.  You want to request your own?  Sorry, but we’re not one of your fancy Olde Shoppes.  We were … Continue reading

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7 Signs You Have a Potion Addiction

This has been something I’ve thought about for years.  It stems from the abuse of potions we did in our early D&D games.  We used them for everything without a second thought because they were easy to find.  A character … Continue reading

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