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Want to be a Guest in October?

Going to be out for the door, so I’m going to make this short and to the point. Even though I have Raven’s Wrath going on throughout October and the War of Nytefall interviews on the 5 Mondays, I want to open … Continue reading

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Hosts Wanted For December Finale Guest Posts

I’m making this a sticky post since I know weekends are busy for people. After speaking with C.S. Boyack about blog tours, he pointed out that I really need to give Legends of Windemere a big sendoff.  I know there’s still Path … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Minus 2

As I said, I only have one question and then I’ll answer for me: What are you doing this summer? A simple question, but one that has an impact on indie authors and bloggers alike.  The summer is a slow … Continue reading

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Last Call for Volunteers: Tribe of the Snow Tiger

Yeah, I’m probably getting annoying at this point.  Still, the final pieces are here and I’m pushing to get a few more people to lend a hand. Leave a comment if you’re willing to host a ‘Book is Live’ and/or … Continue reading

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Where Was I Today? Guest Blogging Locations!

So I’ve been doing guest posts to help promote the fact that Beginning of a Hero is now free on Amazon and Smashwords.  I was reblogging them before, but that was becoming a slight mess.  Instead, I’m going to list the … Continue reading

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A Secret Project and Not So Secret One: Volunteers?

The meme has nothing to do with this quick post.  Also, this is going to be a sticky post for a bit.  So if you visit after today, it will be at the top while the newer posts will be … Continue reading

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Thinking of 2016 Guest Posts

I’d mentioned I would write this up in a day or two, so here it is.  As of now, I don’t have the cover art or sale link for The Mercenary Prince.  That means I can’t do any guest blogs to … Continue reading

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On the Eve of a Vacation

So I’m heading out for a weekend away tomorrow.  A post is scheduled to go up and I’ll be doing the same with a few tweets.  The only thing I might be doing is retweeting from time to time.  I’ll … Continue reading

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