Goal Post: Nailed the Goalie in the Nards!

Think I might be the goalie in this scenario.  At least this week went smoother than previous ones.  Work was busy, but not as stressful.  Still some kinks to iron out of a couple systems.  Noticed last week that nobody really cares about this stuff since I can’t go into details. So . . . moving on.

My son comes back tonight and he’s been having a rough time with middle school.  For those that need a refresher, he’s high-functioning autistic and has trouble with transitions.  That means, he needs to get used to a new school, new classmates, new expectations, and being mainstreamed because he’s smart enough to do it.  Add Covid-induced changes to schedules and him bouncing between my place and his mom’s to make things extra difficult.  I keep wishing things will go back to some level of normal because it feels really unfair that he has extra challenges on top of what he would usually go through when it comes to middle school.  My goal for this week is to try and get him into a better emotional position and hope it sticks.  I have some ideas that will help him remain calm throughout the day, so fingers crossed.

That’s really the thing that wore me down the most.  I feel helpless that he’s going through this and I’m not by his side.  Not only at school, but when this happens and he’s with his mom.  I get brought in after the fact and have absolutely no bearing on the situation since decisions have been made.  For years, I was with him through it all even when I was working and now I’m practically sidelined.  This isn’t a situation where I should cast him into the deep end like others have suggested.  Autistic kids don’t always do well because they might not realize what is going on.  They know something is different and weird and uncomfortable. Anxiety is a major problem for people on the spectrum.  To add to that is plain wrong.

In other news, there has been an addition to the family.  Not by me.  This happened a few weeks ago and I never asked if I could talk about it.  Still haven’t, so I’m keeping it vague even though I really want to mention it.

Writing did happen like I’d hoped.  I probably had more progress than I realized, but I forgot about a few other things going on.  I did manage to get 3 chapters done of War of Nytefall: Eulogy and I might use today to get through most of 4. It’s a difficult decision because I’m at the climax of the entire series.  To stop one section away from the end of an amazing chapter would drive me nuts until I could finish it on Friday night.  Then, I’ll only have 2 chapters to go, which are the final battle and the wrap up.  I would finish it all on November 1st. Not the end of October, but close enough.  Gives me the rest of the year to work on other projects.

To be honest, War of Nytefall: Eulogy has been giving me trouble.  I thought it was because of the high body count or that I was retiring another cast of characters.  The reality is that this book runs differently than anything else I’ve written, including the rest of the series.  There’s still action and humor, but not as much as I thought.  This is actually turning into a mystery that I’ve been grooming for the entire series.  Puzzle pieces have been dropped in place and things are drawn out in a way that Clyde can’t rampage his way to victory.  This means I have more talking/non-action scenes.  It’s a slower pace than I planned and depending more on emotion.  Makes me nervous too because I don’t think I’ve tried a mystery before.  It isn’t a true one and I didn’t mean to do it, but that’s how it seems to be coming out.

Watched Season 1 of ‘The Boys’ again to move into the second season.  I forgot how great the characters are.  I don’t mean good, but just well acted.  Billy Butcher and Homelander manage to steal every scene that they’re in for me.  To be fair, I’ve always been a big fan of Karl Urban and keep hoping he’ll get a ‘Judge Dredd’ series or sequel.  Antony Starr is just amazing as Homelander.  I have to stop whatever I’m doing when he gets going because the character comes off strong, weak, and unstable all in the same scene.  Heard things are better in Season 2, which I’m starting tonight.  Not sure what I’ll jump into after that though.  Probably another anime.

With my son back next week, I’m going to focusing entirely on work and parenting.  I will probably finish the January posts, except for the 2020 Top 5.  Everything will depend on how he does with school and behavior.  If I have to drop all of the other non-work stuff to focus all I have on him then I’ll do it in a heartbeat.  Looks like I’m going back to that, so I’ll cut it off now.  If I do any writing, it’ll be outlining ‘Ruins of the Zodiac Gods’ during breaks at school.  This is a big thorn in my side and has been for years, so it’s daunting to tackle it for good.  Last time I posted about it, I didn’t really walk away with a clearer head, so we’ll see what happens.

Goals of the week:

  1. Fatherhood!
  2. School!
  3. January blog posts.
  4. ‘Ruins of the Zodiac Gods’ outline.
  5. Try the new Chicken and Burger place.
  6. Carve out one night to write the final section of War of Nytefall: Eulogy chapter 14.
  7. Watch ‘The Boys’ Season 2.
  8. Start a new puzzle.
  9. Sleep when I can.
  10. Avoid political fights on Facebook.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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14 Responses to Goal Post: Nailed the Goalie in the Nards!

  1. I’m sorry your son’s having a tough time. Everything he’s had to deal with over the past couple of years would be tough on any kid, so it must be even worse for him being autistic. I hope you can help him find ways to deal… Hopefully ways he can use when you’re not around to help him (either because he’s with his Mom, or because he’s at school, or whatever other reason you might not be with him when things get too much for him).

    Glad you’re still basically on track with the writing plan. Hope it stays that way.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but in my case it’s not a lack of interest why I don’t comment on certain parts of your post. If I’ve got something to say about some parts and am not sure what to say about others, I tend to just focus on the parts I have comments for. I’m interested in reading anything you can and want to share. I just don’t always have much – or anything – to say about some of it.

    Anyway, good luck with the coming week.


    • The previous years were okay because we had a rather stable system. This year has been a mess. Schedules have changed considerably and they remain rather inconsistent for him. We’ve been suggesting ways for him to work through this, but it’s difficult for a kid his age to activate them in the midst of fear. He still needs a helping hand at times, which we hope he can get at school. I still think that things will get better once Covid is no longer a factor.

      I think the lack of interest also comes from seeing how certain topics go completely unnoticed at times. I have seen that me ranting and being angry or depressed gets more responses than anything else. There are some who only comment on those types of posts, so I never see them when I have a book to promote or a writing post. Doesn’t make figuring out blog post topics any easier. Maybe that stems from the ‘not much to say’ part too. Some people find it easier to give advice than to comment on other things.


      • I hope he does get the help at school, and that either a Covid-friendly routine can be established that they find works, or this whole virus thing goes away soon. Preferably the latter.

        I’ve noticed that with topics. Post about my new book… Nothing. Post about my Nan’s death and I get a few dozen responses. It’s rather depressing if you stop to think about it for too long, so I’m trying not to, with fluctuating success levels.


      • The thing is that they can’t make a covid-friendly routine specific for him. He has to follow what the rest of the kids are doing. So, we’re stuck on that.

        I have fewer distractions these days. So it’s hard to not think about it.


  2. I think a solid mystery sounds like a great growth opportunity. All the best with it.


  3. Avoiding political fights on Facebook is a good idea. I had the same broken home situation when my kids were young. The best you can do is to make sure they know you love them and will be there forever. Hope next week is good one.


  4. L. Marie says:

    So sorry your son is having a tough time. Does he go a certain amount of days per week? I’ve heard kids and parents complaining about this lately. So tough for everyone!

    Hope your outlining goes well! Do you tend to work straight through from chapter 1 to the last or do you skip around as inspiration hits?


    • He’s in a hybrid system, so it’s half remote and half in-school. It makes sense from a safety standpoint if you can’t go full remote, but it’s rough on everyone involved.

      I go from start to finish. Character bios and other world building pieces are first then I do a chapter breakdown. Sometimes I simply an overall summary that I’ll turn into a chapter breakdown later.

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