If You Could Only Be Told

This week started with a crazy event and ended with one.  The first was a camper taking something that they shouldn’t have, but we don’t know who.  The last one was something breaking that caused a problem for the game room.  Things were broken by campers throughout the week because the heat and humidity had a lot of people acting like whirlwinds of destruction.  I wish I could go into more details here, but I will say that it was a long week.  Ended up forgetting lunch a few times too.  My exhaustion hit a point where I simply passed out some nights and didn’t wake up until my alarm woke me.  It wasn’t good sleep either.

Now, here is where some people have already run to the comments.  I noticed that there are a handful of followers who only make appearances when I’m feeling down.  You know, I’m going to post this for another day.  I had an entire paragraph here and I’m going to build it into a post for next Sunday.  Let’s move on.

My son’s birthday was last weekend and he had a blast.  Turned 10 at Chuck E. Cheese and got nearly 1,500 tickets.  I was happy to see him run around and smiling, especially with how life is now.  Everyone from opposite camps were civil and friendly.  Some only interacted when they had to, but I think I was the only nervous person.  Spending too much time around the ex-wife leaves me drained and this event included her mother and best friend.  I wandered off a few times to get tickets for my son and take a breather, so things were good.  My plan was to let him run around unleashed and simply enjoy himself.  My ex-wife’s mother hadn’t seen him since 2015 because she lives far away, which is another reason I stayed back and let them have fun.  I won a jackpot on a harpoon fishing game too, which was exciting.  Ended up racking up a bunch of discounts and deals for the party too, so it was cheaper and resulted in more tickets that I expected.  Wins all around.

This weekend is going to be a little more laid back if I’m lucky.  There’s still that issue where people think I shouldn’t be allowed to relax.  Even had one person say that my fatigue and anxiety were being faked.  The thing is that I’ve been frayed since last August when the divorce/breaking marriage started.  At least, that’s when I became aware of it and I’ve been struggling to stay afloat.  Getting a good paying job, taking care of my son, trying to get writing in, having a social life, and accepting that I might be alone for the rest of my life are exhausting.  Toss in a busy and rough summer job?  I’m surprised I’ve been able to get out of bed most mornings.  I need too many cards to fall in the right place for me to get time to write.  Otherwise, I only have 2-2.5 hours at night, which includes showering and getting stuff ready for the next day.  I can’t get anything done during that time regardless of what people keep telling me.  Stopping in mid-chapter section sets off my anxiety really bad, especially if I can’t get back to it for weeks.  Tried it and just scrapped the whole thing.  That’s why I’m going to stick to outlining today.  Fingers crossed that I get the time since my previous attempt was undermined by other people’s plans falling through, so they bugged me.

Beyond all of that, I wish I had fun stories to share here.  I used to, but I found that I can’t when other people’s kids are involved.  With any luck, I’m going to be watching ‘The Boys’ today after seeing my son at martial arts.  Outlining will be done with that on since it’s going to be my pocket notebook that I fiddle with.  Want to know terror?  Have a notebook in your pocket and be a pool activity leader for a bunch of 3-6th graders.  The pool is also overflowing and some kids love splashing.  This is another reason why I don’t bother bringing it on days when I have something else.  That and I never get a chance to use it like I do in school.

These always seem to have more meat when I think them up in the shower.  Guess I can’t talk much about book sales and promos since I don’t have those any more.  Really wish I could find a way to get back into that game, but I can’t put in the time that I used to.  Still, I might get lucky and release the next (never to be read) volume of War of Nytefall by Christmas.  I have to get in touch with my cover artist who I haven’t spoken to since the spring, which I feel back about.  This 9-5 thing is just as brutal as I remember.

Goals of the week?

  1. Eat lunch every day.
  2. Get a little more sleep.
  3. Limit fast food consumption.
  4. Contact colleges about graduate programs for next summer.  Not looking like I can do much without a Masters, but it also looks like I need initial certification to get into some Masters programs.  This is odd because I need the Masters to get that certification.
  5. Watch ‘The Boys’.
  6. Start reading ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.
  7. Work on fantasy tip book.
  8. Make it to Friday

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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25 Responses to If You Could Only Be Told

  1. Worthy goals. The lunch one is pretty important. Nothing burns energy faster than other people’s kids. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

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  2. Making it to friday is always important.

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  3. Sorry if I’ve been a Bad News Commenter. 😀 I’m really more of a one-month-behind-on-reading blogger.
    Good luck with all your plans; they sound reasonable to me.


  4. C.E.Robinson says:

    Charles, hope you made it to Friday night without too much else happening! Controlling kids can be like herding cats! Impossible! Have a peaceful weekend, or parts of it anyway. 📚🎶 Christine


  5. I’m glad your son’s party was such a success. It’s great to hear everyone was civil, and your son was having a great time and happy during the party.


  6. Glad to hear you got through the family event, and your son got some Grandparent time. That’s so important. Sounds like your plan of eating better and getting more sleep is a good way to go. Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others. And now I sound like Marianne Williams, so I’ll stop.


  7. Jennie says:

    Sounds like you had a good week and a fun birthday party. Excellent goals, too. Best to you, Charles.


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