Don’t Look at the Groundhog!

Seriously, I’m sure the furry bastards are going to lie.  That or make absolutely no sense, but they get all this attention.  I say we ignore them until the temperatures get above freezing.  Actually, anybody ever think that disturbing a groundhog’s hibernation is a really mean thing to do?  Eh, I’ll move on to the real post since I got my yearly mini-rant out of the way.

This week as a productive . . . decent . . . semi-productive . . . biking was . . . Hey, I woke up and got to work on time every day.  I know I’m on Long Island and people have it worse in terms of temperature.  Yet, the -15 we got after wind chill one day drained what little energy I had.  Best part of this weather was the 15-20 minute white squall or whatever it’s called that hit.  Horrible visibility, so you don’t want to be on the roads.  Of course, I was out just before it hit to take my son to a doctor appointment.  Thankfully, it was over by the time we got out and the roads hadn’t frozen over.  Home safe and only somewhat tired from the ordeal because I hate driving in those conditions.

The work week was flanked by early wake-ups (2:45 am on Monday and 3 am on Friday) by my son.  The first one was because his music wasn’t on and the other is because his blankets fell off the bed.  This on top of the cold weather just drained me, so I was a zombie for most of the week.  I had energy at work to avoid falling asleep when I entered a warm room and kept myself going.  Have to admit that the midday conversations with my student actually gave me an odd charge.  Overall, it was a really good week at the day job if I say so myself.  This is in the face of that life upheaval situation gaining a few twists and turns.

All of this meant that I was physically and mentally done by the evening, so writing didn’t happen.  I’m still only 1.5 chapters into War of Nytefall: Eradication.  I have today to get further into it, but I’ll probably only get half a chapter done since it’s also the Super Bowl.  My family always throws a party, so today is cleaning between sections and tomorrow is the actual day.  A downside here is that the TV from my room gets brought down to the main room for everyone to watch.  So, I can’t go to bed early and have to wait for the game to be over in order to move it back upstairs.  Otherwise, I can’t put it on for the traffic and weather while I get dressed.  The things we do when we have jobs outside of the house.

There really isn’t much else to talk about beyond a comical incident.  My car is terrible when it comes to moisture.  The condensation ends up on the inside of the window at times, which is frustrating.  One morning, the doors and the locks were frozen shut, so I had to fight them.  Used some WD-40 on the inside of the lock, but the door was still fused to the side of the car.  I finally got the passenger side door open and got in to push the driver side door open.  Since my car spent most of its life in Florida, it has some issues that include the inner plastic of the doors being very brittle.  So, I couldn’t push it open without causing some more damage.  Still, I got in and the car was able to drive.  End of the adventure?  Not quite.

Apparently, on my way to work, the driver’s side door frozen to the car again.  Not sure if any of my coworkers saw me sitting in the parking lot for a few minutes trying to get the door open.  There was the usual pushing, shoving, banging, odd facial expressions, scratching of the head, and finally getting the dang thing open.  Now, my car can still drive, but I need a new one.  Since the winters here can be pretty mean to cars, I’m holding out until the spring.  This also means I don’t have to learn the ins and outs of a new car (mine is a 2001) while driving in snow or on ice.  Yeah, Long Island isn’t like other places, but it isn’t pretty when winter really strikes.

Don’t really have any real plans for the week beyond the usual.  I believe tomorrow is the last of the Top 5 Posts of 2018, which means I need to think of something for next Sunday.  Maybe a call for volunteers for War of Nytefall: Rivalry?  I have a week to figure things out and I might be busy next weekend too.  Anybody want to promote something next weekend?

Goals for next week:

  1. Stay warm!
  2. Go to work and continue having fruit for lunch.
  3. Book fair at school!
  4. Maybe write a little War of Nytefall: Eradication
  5. Do some outlining of the Sin Stories.
  6. Pat the Ichabod Brooks notebook on the cover.  Some day.
  7. Continue watching ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Season 3.
  8. Laundry, biking, etc.
  9. Set up a post for next Sunday.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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25 Responses to Don’t Look at the Groundhog!

  1. You can always borrow my space. At the mine, they always had spray cans of ether to help start the diesels. It works great for defrosting a windshield. Might help open your door if you can roll the window down. Don’t know what it might do to paint.


  2. Always got room for one of your promos or articles, Charles – just send it over and give me a preferred date for posting 👍😃


  3. I’m with you on the groundhog thing. Poor thing is probably thinking, “I actually don’t care how many weeks of Winter there’s going to be left. Do I bug you when you’re sleeping? No! So leave me alone! Some of us want to sleep until Spring. Oh, and you can get those cameras out of my face too!” Though possibly not as polite as that… Never having had a chat with one in the past, I actually couldn’t tell you if groundhogs are well-mannered or prone to cursing, but I figured the politer version would look better on your blog. 😉

    Sorry about the car. At least you managed to drive it once you could get in to it, I suppose. Hope it can limp its way through this Winter for you, and that your next car handles the Winter at least a little better.

    I’m probably not going to be around on the weekend. I’m finally getting the surgery I’ve been waiting for (which I should have had sooner, but it took forever to get a date, and then they moved it) and I’m not sure how long I’ll be stuck in hospital for. Shouldn’t be more than a few days though. Anyway, my point is, if I don’t comment on your call for volunteers, if that’s what you post on Sunday, it’s because I’m still in hospital. Consider me volunteered though. There’s always a spot for you and your books on my blog.

    Good luck with your goals for the week.


    • Guess the plus side for the groundhog is that it doesn’t have to worry about predators. People protect these chosen weather seers.

      Thanks and I hope the surgery goes smoothly. Also that you recover quickly. I’ll start up a list now of volunteers and topics. Been so long since I did specialized posts that I’m having trouble thinking up topics.


      • True. At least it’s safe from preditors.

        Thanks about the surgery and recovery, and you’re welcome about the post. I’ll have a think, and see if I can help you out with an idea for a post topic. If I have any ideas, I’ll let you know about them when I’m home from the hospital. Keep your own thinking cap on too though, just in case.


  4. I’m always up to help. Let me know what you need.


  5. L. Marie says:

    I have soooo been there with frozen car doors. Not. Fun! So I feel your pain!
    Let us know when you’re ready for volunteers.


  6. My car door does that, too. I try to park with the driver side toward the sun, so it will warm up first. Doesn’t always work, though.


  7. Staci Troilo says:

    When I lived with my parents (all those years ago), my dad had a car that had more problems than functional features. But he loved the dumb thing. Every time I drove it, I’d get stuck inside because the driver’s side door stuck, and since it was a stick, crawling over to the passenger’s side was tricky. I used to get looks all the time as I tried to shoulder my way out of it. I feel your pain.

    If you ever want a spot on my site, I’m happy to host you.


    • Thanks. I’m gathering volunteers for a (hopefully) April release. Just trying to figure out some fun topics related to the book. It’s the third volume of my vampire series.

      I know some people who had cars that should have been condemned. Yet they always passed inspection. Mine just did a steady downhill spiral starting last year. As long as it can make it through the winter, I’ll be happy.


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