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Getting to the Root of the Week’s Problem by Traversing the Canal: The Truth Is In There

First up: Grab ‘Quest of the Brokenhearted’ for 99 cents!  This month only! I actually managed to hit publish and set up a lot of the promos while on my trip.  Part of it stemmed from not being able to … Continue reading

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Throwback Post- Present Vs. Past Tense: A Curious History

Originally posted on April 10, 2013.  This has been unaltered.  In fact, I didn’t even re-read it, so I’m going to keep myself in the dark.  (I did notice that it ends with me talking about my 4th book. You … Continue reading

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Are Samurai Allowed?

I’m sure I’ll anger some people with this post or within the comments.  This is a debate that has gone back to my college days and I’m still confused on it. Traditionally, fantasy is set in a European style setting.  … Continue reading

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Present Vs. Past Tense: A Curious History

I’m sure people are sick of me talking about this, but I’ve been discussing this topic with a few friends since my last outburst.  Now, I’ve found that some of my friends who read my book and support me are … Continue reading

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