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Character Origins: Ryusuke Kuroyama

I’ve mentioned a character named Sin.  He is an wandering thief who really becomes more adventurer than criminal.  One of the things with his series is that new allies and enemies get introduced in every book.  There are a few … Continue reading

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Are Samurai Allowed?

I’m sure I’ll anger some people with this post or within the comments.  This is a debate that has gone back to my college days and I’m still confused on it. Traditionally, fantasy is set in a European style setting.  … Continue reading

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Test Scene: The Unstoppable Rakesh

(This is a scene from a future book that I haven’t even outlined yet.  Testing out characters and the overall atmosphere.) Ryusuke slowly backs away from Rakesh, who has healed every slash that the samurai has inflicted on him.  He … Continue reading

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