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‘Do I Need to Use a Dragon?’ Cover Reveal and Blurb Test

There’s the cover for Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips) and the blurb is below.  I had trouble with this because the book itself has a casual, humorous tone to it.  If I made a serious blurb then … Continue reading

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Test Scene for the New Idea: 4th Wall Poking?

This is just a quick scene being written off the top of my head for that idea I mentioned last Thursday.  I’ll probably change it and flush it out when I get to the actual writing.  Basically, the United States … Continue reading

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Test Scene: Clyde’s Monster

(Wrote this off what came into my head yesterday.  Glad to get feedback even though context might be a problem.) Bathed in the red energy of his Lord’s Rage, Clyde’s punch hits Alan Stryker in the jaw with enough force … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Proving Themselves

“What if we could prove that we aren’t useless?” Luke suggests, clearing his throat and standing at attention. “I’m a graduate of Hamilton Military Academy and this woman is an apprentice of Rainbow Tower. Surely these credentials should allow us … Continue reading

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