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Catalysts is Live!!

Quicker than expected, Catalysts is for sale on Amazon Kindle.  Click on the cover to go to the Amazon sale site.  Pick up this horror novella for 99 cents and have a Happy Halloween. Blurb: When trapped in an elevator … Continue reading

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Quentin Hide and the Evil Lord Twigton Debuts!

Check out the debut Indie novel of Dean Kealy! Blurb– Young Quentin Hide has just graduated from the Dragon Academy of Knights and Warriors, and with a new quest in his pocket, he’s off on his first adventure, but little … Continue reading

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Catalysts Creation (Feedback Requested)

Here is the cover made by Dean Kealy of Deanz Doodlez.  Please let us know how this looks, so we can adjust.  Is the cover creepy?  Are the title and author name clear enough? I also worked a bit on … Continue reading

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Blurb for Catalysts (Feedback Requested)

Either alongside Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies or to cushion the delay, I’m hoping to release a horror novella on Halloween.  I wrote up the blurb and was hoping to get some feedback.  Also, I’d appreciate any volunteers … Continue reading

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Book Review: Captive at Christmas by Danielle Taylor

Captive at Christmas is an erotic romance written by Danielle Taylor. I’m going to admit that this is the first romance I’ve read and the first erotic book that I’ve read.  So, I didn’t know what to expect.  There is … Continue reading

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First Kill by Lawrence Kelter

A recently released mystery thriller that follows Lawrence Kelter’s female detective Stephanie Chalice during her rookie years. Chalice is back, and she’s accomplished what women all over the world have always dreamed of: she’s gotten younger. The Back Stories feature … Continue reading

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Ever Have Trouble Finding a Title for Posts?

I’ve officially sent in my first author interview, which I’m going to link to as soon as it goes live.  I’d like to say that it gets my personality across, but that includes my nervous jitteryness (I stand by this … Continue reading

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Crawling to the Finish Line

I finally finished the drama novella that I’m calling ‘The Pen Name’.  It was a grueling write due to it being so far out of my comfort genre.  Still, I finished it. Now, gimme back my dragons, magic, and swords.

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Dragging to the End

A thought occurred to me today: I really don’t like writing real world drama stories. That might be extreme, but I find it so hard to continue writing this novella.  It isn’t that the ideas aren’t there and that I’m … Continue reading

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Writer’s Storm Preparation

Nothing I love more than a storm that is going to lock me and my family in the house and possibly knock out the power.  Wait, I mean loathe.  Now, without power, I have to work with my notebooks, which … Continue reading

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