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7 Tips to Using an Unreliable Narrator

The Harley Quinn series is what prompted this topic.  I stumbled onto people complaining about how some villains were being shown in the series.  They thought they were too goofy or made to be stupid.  Other people eventually arrived to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Narrator Bias

The terms ‘Narrator Bias’ and ‘Unreliable Narrator’ come up from time to time.  In general, they denote that a story is being told with a skewed point of view.  You get a sense that you aren’t seeing events as they … Continue reading

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Writing Characters from Maligned and Abused Groups

I’m starting this week off with a bang.  One that I’m sure I’ll regret once the comments start rolling in.  Nobody likes to poke the social hornet nests that we live with, but you have to at times.  It becomes … Continue reading

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