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7 Tips to Using an Unreliable Narrator

The Harley Quinn series is what prompted this topic.  I stumbled onto people complaining about how some villains were being shown in the series.  They thought they were too goofy or made to be stupid.  Other people eventually arrived to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Narrator Bias

The terms ‘Narrator Bias’ and ‘Unreliable Narrator’ come up from time to time.  In general, they denote that a story is being told with a skewed point of view.  You get a sense that you aren’t seeing events as they … Continue reading

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Now About that 4th Wall

One of the most popular tricks to do these days is ‘Break the 4th Wall’.  For those that don’t know, this means for a character to interact with the audience.  The 4th wall refers to where the audience is sitting … Continue reading

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Ok, Who’s Driving This Bus?

Every story has a narrator, a voice, a magical being who is relaying the story to the straining eyes on the other side of the page.  It isn’t easy to decide on who gets the gift of narration in a … Continue reading

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