First Week of Work in 2021: Survived!

Last weekend . . . I wrote and rested up as my holiday break ended.  My son was with his mom, so I kind of had the time to write.  It was slow going and I’ll get into that later.  I’m writing this around 10:30 PM on Friday and I’m drained.  Getting this post ready to go is my last act before sleeping.  I’d do it in the morning, but I really want to work on Do I Need to Use a Dragon? as much as possible.  My son comes back tonight and I’m going to be doing March blog posts the nights when he’s here.  So, this is my last chance for a while to really get things done unless I pull a late night.

Currently I have 28 sections left of Do I need to Use a Dragon? and I think I can get it down to 25 before the end of today.  The original plan was finishing the ‘Character’ section and leaving on the ‘Quest’ group of 20 and the outro.  That means I come up 4 short of my goal . . . How?  Well, I took my time getting into on Saturday, but I figured 2 instead of 3 was good enough.  I got 2 down on Monday after work, so I thought I was golden.  Then, I got nothing done on Tuesday because of a faculty meeting that was followed by a really bad evening.  Wednesday was 1 while Thursday was a miraculous 2.  Friday was none again because I decided to be social instead.  That’s the end of the stumbling of Charles the hapless author.

I was so tired this week because of the cold and work.  Not that things were crazy, but everyone was getting back into the swing of things.  So, it was too calm and mellow for me since I was still adjusting to waking up early again.  That meant I got groggy and depended on a coffee drink midday for a boost, which meant a crash.  There was also tension since you never know who behaved during the holidays and who didn’t.  I wasn’t around many people thanks to my schedule, but there are those who keep talking in dire tones and getting the more anxious members of society nervous.

Boy was my anxiety giving me some problems earlier in the week.  I don’t know what set it off either.  If it was anything, it would be getting back on schedule combined with personal events that were gnawing on my control.  This resulted in a really scary situation Monday night that I still don’t understand.  I had crawled into bed and was starting to fall asleep when I rubbed at my nose.  This had me thinking I should wash my hands for some reason, which was maybe a 2 minute out of bed, wash, and back trip.  Maybe I was colder than I thought, but I’m sure it was an unexpected anxiety attack.  My entire body just went nuts with violently shaking and my muscles stiffening to the point where I was in sheer agony.  I had my sleep apnea piece in, so I was fighting mostly to stop my jaws from slamming shut.  I managed to work my arms and hands enough to get the device out and on the nightstand, but that was it.  Just shook and twisted in terror and pain for either a minute or an hour.  Eventually, my body collapsed and I got the device back in before falling asleep.  No idea what it was or what triggered it.  Hasn’t happened since, but I’ve definitely been shaken all week when I start to go to bed.

In blogging news . . . I really need to figure out some things for Sunday blog posts.  I found that I mixed up some of my notes for future books, so I can’t tell what I kept and tossed, so it’s hard to pick from there.  Might see some repeats coming in the next few months as I sort.  Still, I’m always open for suggestions and topics to do these fun, goofy posts.  I’ll be making another bigger request tomorrow.

Television watching was mild.  I did finish ‘Harley Quinn’ and blew through ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3.  That second series was practically devoured in two nights instead of getting a little extra sleep for work.  I watched the news a bit more because of the events going on, so I didn’t get into much else.  There’s Season 4 of ‘Slayers’ and I’ll finish that soon then go through Season 5.  That’s an anime and I’m still trying to figure out what to go for after that.  ‘Disenchantment’ comes back next Friday, so maybe I’ll watch that while thinking of something else.  I keep eyeing various live action shows like ‘Doom Patrol’, but I just don’t have it in me for anything with hour long episodes right now.  I’m just weird now.

Friday night was the big fun, but it’s rather simple.  After work and an appointment, I got together with a friend for pizza.  Then, we went to a movie theater.  The way it works is that you reserve your seats and all of the seats around you are blocked off from being purchased.  Not much out there, but this theater is pulling out older movies and we went to this one:

I’d seen it before, but I was curious about it being on the big screen. So much slower than I remember and not as violent.  Still, it’s a science fiction classic with a good story.  This started it all too.  Totally worth not writing tonight because how often will I get to see a movie like this in theaters?  Not a lot once the big blockbusters return.

Goals of the week:

  1. Time with son.
  2. Work
  3. Possible outlining
  4. Trying to sort and organizing the book/series list.
  5. Write more Do I Need to Use a Dragon? if I can.
  6. March posts that will revolve around War of Nytefall: Savagery
  7. Work on puzzle
  8. Get some extra sleep
  9. Plan a fun trip for next weekend.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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19 Responses to First Week of Work in 2021: Survived!

  1. Bia Bella Baker💗Proud author of: HECCTROSSIPY book 1 The Legend of the Land says:

    I hate to say it, but it sounds like you had a petite mal seizure.


    • I’d wondered about that, but I haven’t had one before or since. I talked to a few friends who have seizures and it didn’t sound right. I do have a history of physical symptoms when I’m overly anxious and stressed such as muscle spasms and limb twitches, which is what they sound it might be closer to.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bia Bella Baker💗Proud author of: HECCTROSSIPY book 1 The Legend of the Land says:

        OK, as long as you know what’s going on. Then if the same thing happens in front of people, you could reassure them to not freak out and call 9-11.


      • As long as I can say anything because talking wasn’t happening that easily. Since it happened a night during the usual time when my anxiety has reached its peak, I assume it will always be a private thing.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope everything settles down for you. A fun weekend trip sounds like something to look forward to.


  3. I so loved Alien. When that baby thing came out of the guy’s chest, I thought I would hit the ceiling. I also liked how lived in the crew quarters seemed, Unlike the pristine space travel of today. I hope you have a great week.


  4. L. Marie says:

    What a frightening experience! So glad you didn’t have another one. Take care of yourself.

    Alien was very fun. Loved Aliens. Is that one also coming back to the big screen?


    • Thanks. I’m really thinking it was stress and anxiety. There wasn’t any blacking out, which I was told was usually a part of it. My nerves just hit a breaking point from everything.

      I don’t know if Aliens is coming back. Should have asked that before we left.


  5. Sorry your stress and anxiety levels got bad enough that you’d have an experience like that. Sounds to me like your body reached some sort of stress limit and went in to shock. I mean, I’m not a doctor or expert in anything medical, but it does sound like an extreme shock response, which the body can go in to if it experiences too much stress – either physical or emotional. Whether that’s what it was or not though, I hope it doesn’t happen again. Do your best to focus on the good and fun things planned for the future. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but try anyhow. And good luck with your goals for the week.


    • Definitely feels like a stress limit was hit. It could have been the temperature dropping once the heat went off too. Not alone, but combined with the stress. Trying to focus on the good. Just a really rough start to the new year. Might have to wait until February to do it.


  6. I’m hoping that, as 2021 progresses, the level of stress and anxiety overall diminishes. I’m not sure we’ll be completely back to normal any time soon, but, barring any other ‘patriotic acts’ next week, we’ll take a step toward normalcy.


  7. noelleg44 says:

    This happens to Hubs every once in a while. A HOT shower relaxes the muscles and helps him sleep. I have a friend who wrote that he’s tried 2021 for a week and wanted to give it back. Probably more people out there having problems adjusting than would like to admit!


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