That Was Definitely a Week

I was going to do this later in the day after all of the appointments were down, but I’m already battling the invisible anaconda.  The week built up a lot of stress and something this morning decided to be the last straw.  No idea what it was, but I’m currently trying to write this by kneeling next to the bed and laying my head down.  So, spelling might not be that great this time around.  Promise to look up from time to time.

I’d like to explain what happened, but I think it was just that a lot happened.  There were three medical appointments on three different days.  One of these was the prep for a permanent crown, which I’ll get in 2 weeks.  This started with chaos because I couldn’t find a form I thought I needed.  Had to run my son to camp and hurry back home to continue hunting, which resulted in me having to hurry to the appointment.  For anyone wondering, a mild anxiety attack does not mixing with getting dental work.  Pushed through it, but I really messed my head up that day.  The other two appointments came with their own wrinkles too, so I didn’t have an easy time at all.  On the plus side, I’m meeting with a therapist for one-on-one sessions starting this week.  We’ll see how that goes and I should really leave this topic alone for the rest of the post.

Keeping my son entertained has been both difficult and easy.  He’s fine playing with Legos or using his new backpack water gun.  We taken that out a few times and I hope to join in next time.  Found out the hard way that a blast of water to the side of my head where the root canal was done is not fun.  At least he apologized and we continued on for a bit.  I need to get my own water weapon for these battles.  This all around the house since founding cheap (or free) outings is difficult.  We went to the Children’s Museum for an activity on worms that allowed him to make his own compost box.  It hasn’t gone very smoothly since mold grew in there by the next day, but we’re hoping to turn it around somehow.  The crystal growing kit we got for his birthday is having the same amount of success.  Don’t even get me started on that today.  The other outing of the week was to an aquarium that finally completed a bulk of the repairs after Sandy.  It was never that big, so it was a fun morning. The new addition is a place where you can walk through a tunnel and watch sharks swim over the glass.  Have to go again on a day where there isn’t 7-9 camp groups in attendance.

Writing-wise, things are moving slow.  I worry that I’m letting War of Nytefall: Loyalty fall by the wayside since I’m focused on Quest of the Brokenhearted right now.  I’m thinking of altering my Twitter style in August with me rotating between those two and Warlord of the Forgotten Age.  It’s really hard to juggle all these books because it doesn’t feel like people are finding them.  I actually wrote Beginning of a Hero into the Amazon search bar and found a bunch of superhero stuff before getting to my book.  Many of the others didn’t even have the phrase.  This combined with losing so many reviews over the last 2 weeks has made me feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.  It’s like you can only succeed as an indie if you’re rich or cheat.  Keep in mind that I made this a full-time career and people are using my rankings as a reason to push me for quitting.  I can’t figure out a way to solve this and gain exposure, especially since the summer is slow and I have to put a lot more time into taking care of my son.  Makes me wish I knew someone who could do animations to put some of my fights into a more visual form and use those.  Seems people care more about tv, YouTube, and movies more than books these days.  Imagine if Amazon took the money they spent on ‘Lord of the Rings’ for a series and used it to give a bunch of indies Prime shows.  Now, I’m just being silly.

I made a little progress on Raven’s Wrath, which will be ready for October.  It’s the grand finale for Dawn Addison and it’s not feeling like a horror as much as the others.  I’m going out with a bang here, so there’s more gore and action.  I tried the other way, but I think there’s too much revealed about Dawn’s past, abilities, and persona.  So, there’s no mystery about her when she pulls her tricks.  Trying to think of a way to describe this, but I’m coming up blank. Maybe the later ‘Resident Evil’ movies, but with more heart and character development?  Either way, I do hope it’s fun and gives some closure to anyone who has followed the Raven Series.

So, what are the goals for the week?

  1. Write more of Raven’s Wrath.
  2. Therapy session
  3. See ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ tomorrow.
  4. Rest during the hot days.
  5. Cook Penne with Vodka Sauce.
  6. Maybe go to the zoo on one of the cooler days.
  7. Summer things
  8. Make another goal post post next Saturday.
  9. Shrug because you’ve run out of ideas (done!)

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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25 Responses to That Was Definitely a Week

  1. Will be interested in how the one on one sessions go. Not that you need to share anything, just wonder if they help. Hope the week goes well.

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  2. C.E.Robinson says:

    Charles, give the one-one-one therapy time to help. It could be a slower process than you’d want. Sharing your progress in detail is optional. I wouldn’t expect it unless you have a breakthrough and want the world to know! Good luck! 📚 Christine


  3. Sounds like a lot to get your head around. I hope the1:1 sessions achieve the desired outcome. Take it easy, it sounds like you are achieving plenty!

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  4. L. Marie says:

    Sounds like a frustrating week! So sorry. Glad you managed to push through nevertheless. Hope you enjoyed Transylvania 3. I’d like to see that too.


    • I’m hoping it’s as good as the others. Even if I’m bored, the kid will love it and that’s all that matters. With any luck, I’ll finish Raven’s Wrath by next Saturday. That means outlining and editing for the rest of the summer, but only if I have the time.


  5. It sounds like you have another hectic week coming up, but I hope it goes better than this past week went for you.
    It sounds like you’re enjoying writing your last Raven story, I never managed to get into it, sorry.
    I hope you and your son have a lot of fun this coming week.


  6. Sounds like a rough week. I’m glad you were able to push through it. Hopefully the one on one therapy sessions will help… Even if it takes a while.

    Good luck with your goals for the coming week. Hope it’s a better week for you, and that you and your son have fun.

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  7. “The Invisible Anaconda” is such a great phrase. Not to make light, but perhaps you could write that as a creature in a story — and kill it! Symbolic victory?


  8. New week starting. Bury this one in the back yard and start fresh.

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  9. Reblogged this on Where Genres Collide and commented:
    Check out Charles and his books!


  10. Hugs, Charles. Hope your week is better! Good luck with the sessions! Wish I knew the answer to marketing to help, all we can do is support each other and hang in there!


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